Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax: The Voice on the Phone

In his interview with Katie Couric, the football star shares voicemails left by his fake girlfriend.
2:56 | 01/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax: The Voice on the Phone
Now, to more on notre dame football star, manti te'o, speaking out to abc's katie couric, about the elaborate hoax he was ensnared in. He shared voicemails left by the fake girlfriend. But whose voice is it? Abc's matt gutman has the story. Babe, I'm just calling to say good night. I love you. Reporter: This is the voice allegedly behind the hoax heard around the world. Um, yeah. So, get your rest. And I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you so much, hon. Sweet dreams. Reporter: The voice of a woman manti te'o told abc's katie couric, he thought was the love of his life. A woman named lennay he met online, but never actually saw in person. These voicemails which he says he received from lennay, are all part of the elaborate hoax and alter ego supposedly created by this man, ronaiah tuiasosopo. But one say it's his cousin. In one voice recording, lennay accuses te'o of having a girl in his room. And you can hear her crying in the message. I don't care. Reporter: One source said that's the way tino cries. They, along with the thousands-plus phone calls, were really all ronaiah, a man, altering his voice. You think that might have been a man on the other end of the phone? Well, it didn't sound like a man.Nded like sounded like a woman. But if he somehow made that voice, that's incredible. Reporter: Te'o says he did meet ronaiah in person. They're together after a notre dame game in october, after lennay had died. At the time, tuiasosopo was posing as lennay's cousin. Te'o didn't recognize the voice. And was questioned if the woman on the phone was ronaiah or someone else. We took the voicemails to four audio experts. These are women. It's the pitch. It's the frequency range. It's the intonation. I don't believe a male could simulate that. Reporter: Here at invisible studios in hollywood, we learned with the right equipment, to change your voice into a woman, is not that easy. And to be as convincing as te'o's tormentor, even harder. I love you. Reporter: Sources in the polynesian community say ronaiah was trying to protect his cousin. But he, too, might need protection. He still faces possible misdemeanor charges. We reached out to his attorney, who refuses to comment. Amy? All right. Matt gutman with the latest. Thank you.

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{"id":18312259,"title":"Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax: The Voice on the Phone","duration":"2:56","description":"In his interview with Katie Couric, the football star shares voicemails left by his fake girlfriend.","url":"/GMA/video/manti-teo-girlfriend-hoax-voice-phone-18312259","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}