Mario Batali and Joe Namath Team Up for 'The Ultimate Tailgate'

The chef and the Super Bowl champ put on a special event during the NYC Wine and Food Festival.
4:37 | 10/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mario Batali and Joe Namath Team Up for 'The Ultimate Tailgate'
jerseys, please. This saturday, during the wine and food festival. Mario batali, is teaming up with joe namath, you see him there, for jets and chefs, the ultimate tailgate. And it's for the best of causes. To fight hunger here in new york city. Joe couldn't be here this morning. We drafted a jet. Along with the jets flight crew. Center nick mangold, who is an awesome dude. Mario, I know you're a sports fan. You like food. It's a big part of your life. This is an ultimate event for you. This is an ultimate event. We're bringing ex-jets players out. We're doing a giant event. To fight hunger in new york. I always wondered, you're rolling into the stadiums as the tailgates going on. Do you they, that one looks good? Is there anyone to turn to for a tip, it's you guys. It's not the sight. It's the smell. The smell hits you. It's like they're getting ready to sack the castle outside. Let's get to the food here. We're going to start with sausage and pepper heroes. Nick, start some olive oil in the pan. I'm going to take the sausages. We're going to take some chopped onions and rosemary. And different kinds of peppers. Tailgating is about seasonality. We can put a little egg plant in here. A bang of hot chili flakes. We stir it up. Nick, I want color commentary. You can see it's fantastic because of the color. I've already failed. No, no. There's always a last minute audible that makes it better. Great point. Take a little vinegar and throw it in. I can do that. It slightly reduces. You take a nice toasted roll and a little provolone. And take some of the sausages off the grill. One, two. And a little bit of peppers right there. Good teamwork, my friend. Teamwork. All right, hold on. All right. That's going to get messy. Going to get messy. For the team, baby. That's teamwork. Put that one down. That's incredible. It's tremendous. Right here, we have the meatballs that my children invented for their -- and we have nick's fabulous chili here. Came up with this on a drive home to ohio. It's chorizo, ground beef, bacon and no beans. For everybody that needs fiber to go through this, we brought a kale salad. The tailgate is the whole time of year. Lovely jerseys, being worn right now by lara and new orleans saints fan robin roberts. I know. This is who dat nation. Also, all the recipes for dishes you just saw, "good morning america" on ya har. This year, sunday at 1:00 p.M. And thank you, by the way, to the flight crew. Sam's traveling dancers. All I have to say, the second-best thing about tailgating is sitting on the tailgate, which is phenomenal. I've had a full bowl of chili and it's not 9:00 in the morning. What's wrong with you, mario? You're doing good. We'll top it off with kale. Are you ready for weather? They say yes.

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{"id":20574166,"title":"Mario Batali and Joe Namath Team Up for 'The Ultimate Tailgate'","duration":"4:37","description":"The chef and the Super Bowl champ put on a special event during the NYC Wine and Food Festival.","url":"/GMA/video/mario-batali-joe-namath-team-ultimate-tailgate-20574166","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}