'DWTS' Pro Mark Ballas on Quitting Smoking

Ballas drops by 'GMA Live' to discuss kicking the habit and shows Lara some dance moves.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Pro Mark Ballas on Quitting Smoking
Balances here continue to bring. Yeah yeah they -- They're going to sit here now that I've got to go have a -- Italian. I'm gonna go my jaw Yorkers I'm a little because he'd -- there when he -- -- because I I have not frenzy or whatever I thought. The couple -- -- about -- got I'll get out of here. -- obviously danced his way. And all of our hearts millions of television screens partnering with all manner of stars but. He had a secret that you struggled with for many years town -- have -- -- but. You are a smoker tried quitting over thirty times yet so first of all congratulations because he's kicked it -- got. -- people dying to know I did. Yeah I am I Gumbel would nicoderm CQ I had used the patch coming out of -- like you have what -- that. For for years and I -- -- -- England's. And his -- -- -- those -- part of the culture that you know like him at the house. When that would be like trying to name with a cigarette a -- -- -- is part of them. Part of the culture I just finally wanted to just. Really can't can't be held the stop the not to stuff for humans to think that from so does a lots of people none of the drug stranded by those things how did you make it work for you. For me it was just what was great about -- they can't -- you -- here is he gave me a regime like being a -- -- or you know being an athlete of any kind of sort. Regime is something that you sure you have to had to act at a routine diet work out well and that's what. This kind of gave me here and -- -- -- a -- -- step to every day and what -- in the -- think. Well I think -- put the patch on the morning they also have laws and Susan and then coming -- and they can give it to me was all about the patch because I -- dance within I wouldn't have to remind us that it eventually going -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- what are -- -- the -- do. -- they ate it -- is a little bit of you know -- he can slowly wean yourself. Often it doesn't make you feel weird now not fair -- -- How. How hard was it for me was barely come -- with the words there and he tried to quit. Over there yeah -- -- I'm wrong what got my mom was a lifelong smoker she tried to quit and tried quick trip. You don't did you have a -- we stared into the -- mall and said you know what I got it I gotta do it. Yeah I mean absolutely gets suitable and I think like you say that but then how you get past that hump yet you don't quit wearing don't -- trying to quiet -- you know we don't give up. And that that that was a great thing again it. Its routine its regime and being disciplined of course like. You can -- -- enough -- will power but it. It's so easy that I'm doing it and then you know you're out with friends and yeah initially anyway -- -- -- -- in his -- this one and then you know you by the pact between. -- this it's like. You know -- anything like you wanna lose weight if you -- to put on certain amount of muscle mass you have to -- to regime and if you really are dedicated have a goal. As something that if it's -- -- you real indeed -- -- to change your state your lifestyle. How. Did he served with senior I mean how hard and we hear I mean it's really the question does your tummy tuck and guys how hard was it every single star the comes on here says it's still much harder he had -- thought. How were you able to do that as a so called subprime real big -- yet -- I don't know -- not only did Miss America. Dallas I was having kind of like off pats fan and you know you can't smoke in -- hotel now yes yeah yeah I don't I don't yeah do you really. Yeah doesn't that -- surprisingly what you wouldn't a lot of dancers -- kick it back in the day. London and Europe was the -- that's what you -- -- train that's way. And that baby be having private lessons and the teachers -- he smoking's effects does it also because it keeps you because it cuts it probably I don't -- And I think he's just dancing in and didn't like and are like anything it's a part of the part of they have nothing in. For me the big -- -- stress and that's what was great about you the blueprint split. Did it help me get over my triggers -- knots you know surrendering well I'm -- not a -- unable final blueprint. You have to get at Wal-Mart dot com. Flash blueprint quit and -- hasn't Wal-Mart dot com blueprint to quit in this is all involved with nicoderm CQ yep and it's basically a series of patches yet. -- is -- great game and then they also have online supports like you are having that moment we are like. Homeland the I -- a really really need to talk so -- -- in the morning you can get on you know get online and gets great and this couldn't talk to administrative professionals and then there's also other people that are doing the program when you that you can how to communicate with -- -- really -- -- I'm really proud of you thank you rated by some happy to share with our audience and it's again at Wal-Mart dot com -- -- com slash blue prints without. -- -- quickly we just -- see amber Riley ticket. Was there. Next season ramping up. Yeah we expect to see a newly kicked the habit mark bounce back we India plane -- knock off yet a whole scene within it and I -- you know several nice teases him or you know you -- want you -- -- to dance. Dancing with July tried to -- and you know me I'm here I'm in May yet but yeah I think but. -- Yeah any part of that did you become a mile I -- what I I'm not -- I'm I'm not that I don't put his everybody. There are most of the people -- two left. -- as I feel like I am I think it's more if you're not used to that you -- became -- feeling out of here on this -- -- -- anything but you know you -- -- -- -- you could move to resign yet that -- ahead and get good. It was I was watching that we had we re ran I think we are all don't think I was watching -- just pulling me around the dance floor yet -- -- -- really I I. I can see how they really just control it yeah heart -- and that includes beyond me and it's this idea believing or back. I mean seriously you would have to yeah. Creates yet that the that you have to succumb to being you know. You know escorted around the floor you know how I saw how would you do about how to how do you like let down I don't know why don't we see a little -- other. Yeah. Many feel a little bit Martin -- and oh yeah there's going OK go -- -- When you want to remember -- you want you person no no no no no mark can now Mark Madsen I'm. Friday. Now that I have on high -- -- -- -- we wouldn't play music but we can't afford us. Connecticut -- -- back in -- leg one tactics one. He's been happily left leg is the only NI NG adding that they get little group and then -- this is -- leading them then absolutely out of their family and feel and believe me output -- -- Crazy that's KP helps today's top secret nobody don't really even that like sometimes teaching I have -- How quick he picked of the want to say sometimes that can think like really oh my god. Yeah you're great athlete our c'mon you're an athlete like Doug are not doing it I don't think it's a good idea with GMA III you are part of -- -- As the high is Max coming back. I don't know. We'll be cool without -- I really don't know couldn't get a possibility okay one more pop Wal-Mart dot com slash slash blueprint who we love mark -- love dancing the -- yeah congratulations on winning everybody.

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{"id":21081514,"title":"'DWTS' Pro Mark Ballas on Quitting Smoking","duration":"3:00","description":"Ballas drops by 'GMA Live' to discuss kicking the habit and shows Lara some dance moves.","url":"/GMA/video/mark-ballas-interview-2013-dwts-pro-quitting-smoking-21081514","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}