Mark Zuckerberg Could Find Future in Politics

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
4:25 | 12/12/16

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Transcript for Mark Zuckerberg Could Find Future in Politics
And we're back with our big board and break down today's top stories. T.J. Holmes, sharp outfit. Thank you, George. That means a lot coming from you. We're going to get back to you in a minute. First that new story about Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder. Is he thinking about government service? Some newly released court findings suggest so and Matt dowd is back with more. What's going on? What do they show? This was a shareholder lawsuit against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg related to a bunch of issues but in the course of that there were text messages between Mark Zuckerberg and another member of the board basically trying to figure out if he could sell all his stock and still retain some power if he decided to pursue something in politics, something in public service. So it all related to a release of text messages between those two. Mark Zuckerberg is a famously introverted individual. What would you think of him as a politician? Well, I think there's been many introverts even serving as president of the United States. Richard Nixon was one. Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, George Stephanopoulos is a bit of an introvert and he's in front of millions of people. So I think it's -- I think it's very -- he could do it. I think part of this is he probably was figuring out if he could serve in a Clinton cabinet who he was close to members of her staff. I think that's probably more of what it was about but he could run for office. We introverts do not like to be outed like that, Matthew dowd. You saw the back and forth in the filings. There was some concern because Zucker B Zuckerberg is so closely tied to the brand. What would happen? He started it back in college and built it. My guess is they could find somebody, Sheryl Sandberg who served in the organization who serves on the Disney board just to let everybody know, I think she would be the perfect person for this. But it is a question about the entirety of the Facebook brand which has been so linked, as you say, George, to Mark Zuckerberg. All right. Matt dowd, more to come on that one. Thank you. Up next today is something called green Monday. I'd explain to George. It is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year but security experts are sending an alert warning millions about a holiday e-mail scam that could be in your in-box and looks like a package delivery notice. Tell us what we can look for. It's a trap sitting in your in-box right now and Crips are waiting to see if you take the bait. Let's say, George, the introvert is buying my Christmas gift this year. All right. He's probably going to do it online so all of our ink-boxes are flooded with all these package, a delivery confirmation, shipping confirmation so the criminals sneak one in that looks like the real deal but they're a fake and what they're trying to do is bait you into opening it but opening an attachment and downloading something and that ends up with the malware, a virus on your computer or a ransomware in which they can shut down your computer and then hold it hostage and make you send them payment to unlock your own computer. So that's what you got to look for. I've gotten so many. How can people avoid it. Just a little diligence, take a moment and look at it. FedEx, U.P.S., all these legitimate ones tell you we won't send you anything. We won't ask you for anything. That's a certainly a red flag and also the other thing here, just look at that e-mail address. Some of them are Some a @usp, underscore, it. Don't download ig in. If you check the better business bureau's naughty list they warn you of ten different holiday scams. What is it about this time of year. Billions will be shipped and all of us are sending things to family and friends and in that giving mood so even scams having to do with charities so people are preying on us being online right now. It is just -- for an opportunist, a criminal opportunityist. The perfect time. T.J. Holmes our resident extrovert. When George and I go out we have a great time. Yin and yang. Coming up, first "Star wars"

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{"id":44136529,"title":"Mark Zuckerberg Could Find Future in Politics","duration":"4:25","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/mark-zuckerberg-find-future-politics-44136529","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}