Martina McBride Dishes Up Family Favorite Recipes

The country music singer-songwriter shows off shares recipes from her new cookbook, "Around the Table."
4:17 | 10/07/14

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Transcript for Martina McBride Dishes Up Family Favorite Recipes
feed, my friend here, Martina Mcbride is a wife, mother, decorator, cook, party thrower, singer, producer, writer and musician. We have the proof here for the last two. Her latest album, "Ever lasting," debuted at number one. And the first ever book, "Around the table," it's on sale right now. Please welcome Martina Mcbride. There is a little bit of everything in this book. What made you want to do this? I love to entertain at home, love to have people over and love to cook. And I wanted to write a book that took the intimidation out of it. People are intimidated to entertain, your house is never right, mess something up. So I wanted to -- there are ten parties in the book. And a lot of tips and how-tos and decorating ideas. And you're going to have a book-signing here? A couple of them. Barnes and noble today. Be sure to check it out. "Everlasting," tell me about the tour a little bit. People are going crazy about this. The tour is so much fun. R and B. A horn section and amazing background singers. We have some movies. Simple movies. It's visually entertain, musical, so fun. Having a blast. That's one way to entertain. This is another way, this is your hubby, John's, favorite. Short ribs? Yes. Tell us about it. Eight pounds of short ribs here and make a brine, water, brown sugar, salt, these vegetables, garlic, sellry, Carr carrots, and let it cool completely. The short ribs in there, overnight. It takes time, but it's worth it. Tlc. Yes. These have been brined. And brown them in a Dutch oven. Oh. Until they're nice and brown on -- you put a little bacon fat in here. Bacon, bacon. You can't go wrong with bacon and butter. No wonder John loves it so much. Exactly. What are the sides? I make these really amazing mashed potatoes. Or you can do Poe less than that. And roasted vegetables. Mix up this, onion, carrot, celery. Pour beef broth in there. A little red wine. This is how you do it. Pour it in. There you do it. We're going to get you your own cooking show before you know it. Pour the wine in. That's wine? That's wine. Whoa. Save a little glass for yourself while you're doing it. That's right. Put the short ribs in here and then cover it -- I can smell it. Cover them and put them in the obvious. These are the brown abundance put them in here. Should I put them in here? Where's Amy? She's going to love it. Put them in there. And cover them and poput them in the oven four hours. It's a little bit of time. As kids we boiled the vegetables. And then steamed and now roast. A little bit of garlic, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, rosemary. So healthy. And then a side salad? This is from the fall supper chapter. This is from my tuscan chapter. I have two friends from tuscany come to the house and help me create this menu. This is a panizella salad. Did someone say there's food here? These are dishes from your friends from tuscany. Salad, butternut squash ravioli and tooeira misu. We have been waiting for this. This is good. It's like butter. Thank you, Martina. And her new book, "Around the table" is on sale now, and her number one album, "Everlasting," and you can get more on on Yahoo!. Where's the book signing? Barnes and noble.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The country music singer-songwriter shows off shares recipes from her new cookbook, \"Around the Table.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26014204","title":"Martina McBride Dishes Up Family Favorite Recipes","url":"/GMA/video/martina-mcbride-dishes-family-favorite-recipes-26014204"}