Mary Barra Named First Woman CEO of U.S. Car Company

General Motors new CEO joined the company as a college intern.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for Mary Barra Named First Woman CEO of U.S. Car Company
Yes, they are. We're going to turn to the new head of general motors, mary barra. She is smashing the gender barrier. It's a natural next step for this mother of two. Her father worked at pontiac. Rebecca jarvis has her story. Reporter: This morning, a first for detroit. And an extreme rarity in the business world. Mary barra who started at general motors 33 years ago, at the top post this january. The first women ever to run one of detroit's big three automakers and the most powerful woman in the car business. This is truly the next chapter in general motors recovery and turn around history. And I'm very honored to be a part of it. Reporter: A homebrewed talent. She started at gm in 1980. She was 18. Studied engineering. Her father a 39-year-old gm veteran was making car fenders and hoods. To get where she did and also to be a woman, is very rare. That's why we're paying attention to it today. Reporter: The car that originally caught barra's eye, this camara. Her first car. She wanted a pontiac fire bird but settled for a chevy chevette. I like cars that go fast. Reporter: And she distinguished herself in multiple roles at gm. Developing new cars. Even working to relax gm's stuffy dress code as head of h.R., And learning reputation as a leader and uniter. If general motors is successful, that will rub off on detroit. They'll have a lot of money. They'll be able to support institutions that they used to be able to support. Reporter: This role means that mary barra, just 1 of 21 female chief executives in the fortune 500. But one of the greatest role models to young women today. Looking forward to watching her. Thanks, rebecca. Now, to a startling account

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{"id":21176432,"title":"Mary Barra Named First Woman CEO of U.S. Car Company","duration":"3:00","description":"General Motors new CEO joined the company as a college intern.","url":"/GMA/video/mary-barra-named-woman-ceo-us-car-company-21176432","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}