Massive Florida sinkhole destroys homes

The sinkhole just north of Tampa swallowed and destroyed two homes and five other homes in the neighborhood were evacuated, authorities said.
2:36 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Massive Florida sinkhole destroys homes
Back now with that massive sinkhole wreaking havoc in Florida over the weekend. Two hopes destroyed after the ground just opened up. ABC's newest correspondent Victor Oquendo is near the scene in land O' Lakes, Florida. Good morning, Victor. Reporter: Crews have been busy. One of the things he did put up this fence and set up a perimeter. There's that sinkhole just feet away from where we're standing and as we look above from our drone you can see all the debris inside part of the house that's left standing, that green bathroom, all that roofing, even a boat and crews are being told they have to wait a few more days until they start the cleanup process. This morning, a massive sinkhole just north of Tampa, Florida, swallowing and destroying two homes. Watch the moment neighbors captured this roof come crashing down. The sinkhole now stable, officials say. Five hopes remain evacuated but now the big concern, water contamination. Officials testing the drinking water of at least 15 homes in the area. How long before life returns to some kind of sense of normalcy? Probably looking at several months before we could get this back to Normal for these folks. Reporter: Pasco county officials calling it the biggest sinkhole in at least three decades. It is 2255 feet wide and 50 feet deep. All that's left of a bathroom, roofing and a boat, a disaster area filled with mud, sewage and toxic debris. I see a big hole and a lake and I see that we're in the middle of it and probably not a good thing. Reporter: Sinkholes occur when limestone gets eaten away by water creating a cave and the weight above becomes too heavy. The arch roof gets so thin that it can't handle the weight of what's above it. Reporter: While this one outside Tampa is unusually large, sinkholes are a common problem in Florida. More than 3500 spread across the state. According to the United States geological survey over the last 15 years sinkholes cost at least $300 million in damage per year on average nationally. However, since there is no nationwide tracking of sinkholes they believe that number may actually be higher. The water levels have come down by a few feet but there's actually a car that's sitting underneath the surface that might be plugging the sinkhole and the cleanup process will take heavy equipment, dump trucks, possibly even cranes and officials want to make sure the ground is stable before they get that process going. Likely months before it is back to Normal. Victor, thanks such. Every time I see video like that. Uh-huh.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"The sinkhole just north of Tampa swallowed and destroyed two homes and five other homes in the neighborhood were evacuated, authorities said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48676350","title":"Massive Florida sinkhole destroys homes ","url":"/GMA/video/massive-florida-sinkhole-destroys-homes-48676350"}