Mayan Apocalypse Predictions: Doomsday Dud

John Muller reports on the "end of days" predictions based on the Mayan calendar.
2:00 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Mayan Apocalypse Predictions: Doomsday Dud
So much chatter, a paramount of fear by the doomsday prediction based on the mayan calendar. It appeared to run out today. And abc's john muller repor that we're all still here. Reporter: Today, armageddon for all. Or not. ♪ DECEMBER 21st, 2012, THE END OF The mayan calendar, drawn up by an ancient civilization thousands of years ago. In france, true believers flocked to the pyrenees mountains, leaved it was the only place it was safe. Thousands of tourists flocked to mexico, hoping to celebrate a new era in an ancient mayan city. At the thirsty dog bre company in akron, ohio, there's a special beer for the occasion. Others weren't worried, taking a cue from r.E.M. ♪ End of the world as we know it ♪ ♪ and I feel fine ♪ Reporter: The first hurdle, asia, where midnight came and went and humanity lived on. But the mayans were from the western hemisphere. They wemaybe they were on new york time. Abc news has trusted me with this assignment. The super bowl scoop. Not that anybody will be around to hand out promotions. But the hour draws near. The moment of truth is here. There's the clock. Three, two, one. Okay. There you have it. Folks, we are still here. John muller reporting exclusr abc news. The end of the world has not happened. We are still here. I feel so relieved. Reporter: It has not come to an end. Here's a fact. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26th, IN THE Hawaiian islands, in the south pacific. We're out of the woods, folks. Go back to the last-minute scrambling and new year's eve party, the world will go on.

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{"id":18034681,"title":"Mayan Apocalypse Predictions: Doomsday Dud","duration":"2:00","description":"John Muller reports on the \"end of days\" predictions based on the Mayan calendar.","url":"/GMA/video/mayan-apocalypse-predictions-true-doomsday-dud-line-islands-18034681","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}