Meditation 101 With Guru Deepak Chopra

The famed meditation guru and author led a special online meditation exercise before appearing on "Good Morning America."
28:13 | 01/12/16

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Transcript for Meditation 101 With Guru Deepak Chopra
Welcome everybody we're here for Robbins re boot camp that has part of that earnings and sales training we have aren't meditation your route here to watch over so happy to have him here and I pre assessment. And he's gonna lead you through a guided meditations gonna introduce you to the constant meditation first. And then Nazis through a morning meditations. For anybody who's here in the rumor anybody's watching. Enjoy thanks guys. Thanks for him so thanks for coming this money. How many of you. You doing some. OK so that's been there. Meditation. Is appropriate. Getting parents who do step. Soon. It what is this what is. It view it is that cool will be. Because that human beings. You see things human doings. Human beings. So magician goes to the source of thought. We have thoughts. Bloodless notebooks. We're into the students. Poland's strategy Haitians but we salute. On core consciousness. In most beat him. So when humidity. Two things do happen one is closely into it through we go to the direction. That way on condition money that you pose those and there's no goods who wouldn't poems. You don't do it because there's group. This note was through in the years. There are many great submitting tips through his reflection of the new us witnesses. Who. But because stimulus questions community school you're only going to view source and that Jones was there is still wants. It is not dead the innermost being knows everything. An intrusion. And trees and buildings. Use. It's. It's creativity. And that's it synchronicity. It's in this means. Do things they you know it's it's that group whose country it is coincidences. Being a good place to do it. These things the it is eight stroller that don't happen is me. But. But because of it. Now listen this list of society. Settlements. There's isn't news. And does not socialism it is in his book the stress. Management that's the easiest thing to do it's good. Improving their allegiances. Severe active. It's good or. That being you know we goods did shows. This petition changes and it proves that you had a three quarter moon two risk. And Kunduz. Look through which you. It goes into new gene expression so you can. I didn't do trillions. And one minute it's doesn't currently is it is. Jeanne experts mystery and duties blues in this system and millions of things went. An institution my own in view some stress. Changes in jeans and centurion is on the team's responsible book has been recipe. On what street in two communities. Which means country nations. All the genes that are bloated. Group unit which means people of this activity according to Reuters sometimes. Seventeen cooler cooler it's. And on the jeans. That load it. Inflammation. And instruments and submission and nobody it's too many quality news that. Associates many who do. Due June 2. Heads. On the jeans. Is too much and the mission. The game down. The kitchen and exploration. Whom it is. School. Has many reasons to do. Because. To do it to New England today. Whose. It's. Do traits. Yeah boasts. Mean it. It's so any Christians. Just have to do it with. OK let's cross our feet. Ago. The and most important things do he's speaking. Notably those views would sleep. You might close view which of course means that you moves. These folks who. Appropriate. And that's goes is he didn't the case of blue. You know priceless. Just. You pretty. Opinion until zone of creating new clue it's ultimately from meeting it's actually. Movement of this. You inspire. Institution. To student. The associated breathing that life. And very close it is taught. As long nudity. That is still grieving and taught me each of and maneuvers new. Good. By itself. It coax them. You don't have to manipulated. This absolutely. You're absolutely has boosted. In continues to have it. As it goes. You'll have people so good. You truth. Your school. His view. And so will Euro zone being thought. As well as. Bring it. Because their communities. And as you salute new. This. We know. Being you're alluded yes. Into your heart. We look to us renew and is there. And men took me. Most first question itself loose connection. They crisis. Who MI. Give us he's a few times and and then cool. Don't go looking for and you want just us question that the future. You may experience some sensations some image some evenings fox. I don't know what Taylor Gomes. To come June that's. The real meaning of us and Lucia and receive. Cool about. Chris. And yeah. We want he could. Yeah. No let's go to a second reflection. What do I want what to a war. Again. Who put us in the future and didn't see what comes up. Homelessness issues in news. You. What do. Yeah. Let's move to do good and question. Looked at my age group code. What might intrude. Again it's what ever since he shouldn't. He admits few new notebook. What do was to go. Let me just limo question. What is mine workers put his mind causing. Peterson has the first book of augmentation computerized those. You know in every spiritual condition and then use the word go Venetian. Condition means revealing truth that comes from the no moves B. It changes your life. I would move to take in and this is. But he and his team high implementation. Many things. Who do this. Is basic and me getting to the source. If so what I would source of fuel and being. The social thought. The source of creativity. And source of interest. And so what we do is visit beginning of the mentally you preaching. The looming. You'll wouldn't you won't need some UNC. In the book movement IA Adam. Seeing him do. Today. Salons that. The true. This should be to include him in that meant. Let's. And now you can. To stroke and us. Instances. I'm Joan. Oh. Just proves. Don't go your first news. Assistant. No seriously I. The Monday through. We'll. Loans it is. Finally. We didn't need the moves two. And just say food. Into. And mostly. You know mostly. Sit through it to be. Believes. True just ten. True. Feel bitterness over. Oh my goodness. The source of going to good stuff. Good school. OK and I can relax and you thought he. Intimacy. Committed to loot. And its really who wouldn't. Case you can do you know. This. As I said. So many kinds of very pleased. He's innocent here would mind blues and he would. And you could instances. Six. In truth. Your. You. 200 no weapons complex is through it's things. Can be mind cookbook. In who. Thoughts. And could be mindful two relation ships. Revisions to the commencement. The there's is the it's. Hundreds of cement trees quote created entity is dignity. Two things. We noted that the red. And the mind. Melinda anxious to reading it's just against. And renewable fuel sources he themselves. So your mind and your good this thing. And he could he has stressed oil you can do even will be looked something in training somebody. Those that are something. You posting some of it. It's. That's lending unit state and England does to us meaningful questions he's a the most important groups. Well we don't need to know the unsolicited and the others who has been changed and speed evil. Youngsters who come to us and come to us any good evidence that it could convene and insight. Meeting clue coincidence that Johnson can't. And being. Sensitive. And you know does the and spiritual traditions whose ex. Sources. Vote. Is the Austin questioned. Second. And element petition. Is bullying problem in addition to money. Two new killer money. It is so blend them babies born at the pure mind. That's wouldn't be an assessment. Program. It is your mind to it float slew of studio studio with a one. And it's. Look. And compassion. Joy and in good condition in coats. And ordered him is people. That's you know since. And that you. Is that is. And then if you vote your name and you but true we on more and more history. And experience then crew. Recently is good. Because. It's funny moment and then review them and we didn't do any dog food mean you who has source. It's what we didn't know who we. Took off the news and people to rise is that history. It's month. It's mind you who. Didn't you took off Chopra is that. People Smollins look in my news. That community should. I do it it make its fluent. And in the two. Good movie you'll and to him who it is sure that we exist. If this way and every spiritual vision. And on this it. I am the indeed. It's. As you. Moving to pedal to. We've just meant to. You promote. And kind of you to. And then you truly distance. That is the on the field. This man. What news that's the source of assessment contention. Six. See people Holler and to an adult cell phone. Events from big U you ready to. This is. It's those who didn't it's pretty true conditions of these Disney who. Shuler beat. Quote pure being we will. Decide. Offensive Cuba's intention. From that it comes you know good deeds and from the this. If you don't notable that the source and it kind of and owns and doing doing doing. The move real feeling. Is no true thinking and in his community. Really thinking through it. Bouquet canyon and a book to me what was taken that. Into trillions there's Otis incompletion. What he does them on the east village and also some kinds of magicians that you want to and a Cuba. News expected those. We many scientists. This is buses and teachings. No violence. Since then. Who. Jeanne expeditions. New genes and not too distant. You create today's news. Changed the experts. OK so in my opinion questions. You do. Who from it meets its patent. Work. To all of its younger sister act concerning hair its kitty to. You don't have to look through. It's. It's. No more children that basement Jayson Williams and his plea. In this which is and they Pittman do playing though. It's political. And above lit new book Canadians. Then you can tow them to keep. Quote. So what makes famous. It's an opportunity employer does have entry. You. And you can find it you do it it's that. Opportunity to play you in Houston who. What else. Three. With the Isaac. And if you think those. More. And and his from a and then we're and and you think. And that's what grade. This stuff. I don't basic desperate people who know how hard I'm just sitting anything getting into the it's state. It could be political. She needed. Deutzman. Do the same thing we do. She. Just that. What. Good news is that. What you can do. Maybe it could you put him. And millions. Because you don't you're doing your body instances. It's just didn't mimicking the. Crosslin how humans. Today and how many times today would you. I think the ideals would be. We've been doing in this place. It's. Because good teaching and doing this. The only thing you notice actually it's been to us and we money who scored six. Meditation and semen but it's. It's here you hopes. The source and in the evening news do you. Who didn't comply would mine life is. Is he went to my mind is quiet. And does loose this this school the team that the accident. It was trillion. Know if you if on the blue in activity in that city be its best. Since. Makes edited teach what is blow this doll. Theater. It's stopped its people peace and it sends books. She says with the creepy good spends much. Deductions you. Almost since flu globes what's happening you were those of us live your body has been stressed. You know. Bloody nose or use it in the new included equipment so and peace and who proves he admitted awareness. And compassion. Ultimately this. This view. Do you know. Thank you all for being here thank you dean hot bird doing that it was a pleasure and there's we'll actually be in studio and a little bit weird you're gonna at least reasons. Our viewers and Robin and Sam Champion. So. Well.

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