Meet Two People Who Lost Half Their Size

They stuck to their New Year's resolutions and truly changed their lives.
4:26 | 12/22/14

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Transcript for Meet Two People Who Lost Half Their Size
First up in the "Heat index" new year's is right around the corner. A loft us will make resolutions. A lot of them will involve getting into shape. In a moment, we'll introduce you to two people who took that change. They're featured in "People" magazine's half their size issue. Here's their story. For 25-year-old Connor, weight has been a life long struggle. I knew I was overweight when I was 6 years old. Reporter: A chronic overeater. She dieted for the first time in third grade. I would eat continuously. Reporter: And in eighth grade, she weighed over 200 pounds. I would snack on chips, cookies, candy. Anything that I could find. Reporter: Tipping the scales at 271 pounds after her freshman year of college, she knew she had to do something. I looked in the mirror and said, I'm done being overweight. Reporter: For 40-year-old mark Brian, weight didn't become a problem until later in life. I graduated from high school, 185 pounds. The next dwreerns, I gained about 250. Reporter: He didn't exercise discipline when it came to eating. His weight climbing to 442. Lunch would be a couple of hamburgers, a large fry. A shake. Dinner, a pizza. Reporter: He went the hospital with chest pains. The doctors said you're having an anxiety attack. They said, if you don't change your way you won't live to see your daughters get married. Reporter: That motivated Bryant to change his life and get moving. Okay, so you just saw Connor. She weighed 271 pounds. Now she weighs 141. A weight loss of 130 pounds. Conner, come on out. I mean -- I'm going talk to you more in a minute. Tell everybody, when you look at the old you. Look at the monitors, see new you, what goes through your mind? I'm happier. I can be myself without this covering me up. I thing that's the best thing about. Love your smile. Can't wait to hear more. Now we're going meet mark. He was 442. Now 181. That's 261 pounds lost. I can't even say it. When you see him, you won't believe it. Get on out here, mark. You look fantastic. What do your kids say when they see you now? When they were younger, they didn't really know me as this guy. They see these pick dhurs and are like, who is that? A distapt memory. First, Zoey, I want to talk Yo you. The features director for "People" magazine. What appeals to you about mark and conner's story? It's that they lost so much weight in a healthy way. No dgimmicks, no surgery. Eating right and exercise. I can't believe, conner, you're okay with saying, yeah, this was an old meal for me. You would eat flee plates of this. I would indulge. I loved it. It was my go-to. And now, you can feel satisfied with just broccoli, pasta, a little bit of cream in there? It's whole wait pasta. I grind cottage cheese. It acts as the Alfredo sauns. Sauce. Do you have a mantra? One day at a time. The small vikt stories lead to the big results. Mark? The whole pizza and that ice cream? Yes. That looks tempting. What do you say when you're now eating this? How do you get the gratification? I think that's what people can take away? Mgts it didn't go from this to this overnight. It was gradual. That went there half a pizza over to this. Over a course of a lot of time. It's delicious. It's something I crave. I'm sure you're still tempted. The stories are incredible. Check out "People" magazine. Zoery, thank you. "People" son stands right now. Half their size. And they really, really are,

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"They stuck to their New Year's resolutions and truly changed their lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27761169","title":"Meet Two People Who Lost Half Their Size","url":"/GMA/video/meet-people-lost-half-size-27761169"}