Meghan Markle has chosen a wedding dress designer: Source

Prince Harry's fiancee, Meghan Markle, is expected to bring a taste of Hollywood to their royal wedding.
2:56 | 01/19/18

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Transcript for Meghan Markle has chosen a wedding dress designer: Source
Paula is learning more about Meghan's gown and the guest list. Where are you? Over here, George. How are you doing? Everybody, we circled may 19th on the calendar. Meghan Markle has chosen a designer and she'll bring a bit of Hollywood, her hair and makeup team from "Suits" will be there and guests will get a taste. The royal couple is on the road again making their third public appearance together with just 17 weeks to go until the big day. And this morning, new details are emerging on royal wedding planning. Perhaps one of the biggest questions on everybody's mind, what will the bride wear? We have a wedding dress designer. Meghan through in her close friend and bridal stylist Jessica Mulroney from Toronto to London last weekend where she attended a top secret fitting at kensington palace with the designer. Reporter: While the name of that designer is still under wraps, what are some names we can expect to see on prince Harry and Meghan Markle's guest list? Sources tell "Us weekly." Harry has actually put on the top of his list his good friend Ed sheeran to perform at the after-party. Expect to see her famous friends including Serena Williams, prix on ka Chopra including until "Suits" stars. Justin Trudeau will be invited along with his wife Sophie. Reporter: Princess Charlotte and prince George are expected to have contrroles on the big day. Jessica Mulroney's daughter ivy will be a flower girl on the day I heard. Reporter: They are continue her unofficial tour of the uk wildly excited fans greeted them Thursday in Wales? She showed me her ring and it was amazing and said she was a very lucky lady. Reporter: The actress looking chic while staying warm greeted well wishers in a black Stella Mccartney coat with a ribbon black. Black skinny jeans by a Welsh brand, velvet boots and a tassel handbag. They celebrated the area's heritage and culture in this castle and many sampled Welsh crumpets and cake. The next stop a local community center. Harry and his fiancee met people with a charity that Harry supports that brings positive change to disadvantaged youth through sports and during a game of jenga she doled out strategy advice and rushed over to greet the royal couple after performing a dance number for them. Getting married means receiving gifts but when you're a royal there are certain stipulations, all official gifts can be worn and used but eventually they become part of the royal collection so that means, George, the apron she just received she will eventually have to hand it back over and can't sell or exchange gifts so if they get 17 blenders, Nevada to keep them. Maybe they can find to make good use. Thanks very much. A health alert right now. A new report from the CDC that

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Prince Harry's fiancee, Meghan Markle, is expected to bring a taste of Hollywood to their royal wedding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52451214","title":"Meghan Markle has chosen a wedding dress designer: Source","url":"/GMA/video/meghan-markle-chosen-wedding-dress-designer-source-52451214"}