Melissa Joan Hart Reveals the Secrets of Her Rise to Stardom

The actress discusses her show "Melissa and Joey" and her new book, "Melissa Explains It All."
3:13 | 10/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Melissa Joan Hart Reveals the Secrets of Her Rise to Stardom
We all feel like we know our next guest. She group before our eyes. Melissa joan hart, starring in "melissa and joey" on abc family. Now, she's sharing secrets to her rise to stardom. "Melissa explains it all." It's early morning, I know. You have young kids. They're already at school. I'm going to ask you, tales of my abnormally normal life. How did you come up with that subtitle? You say it's something that people say to you a lot. People ask me on the talk shows, how did you end up so normal? It's too long an answerer to fit into 30 seconds. I decided to write it long form. Detail my life from beginning to now. And there's no recipe, I think, for normal. But I just told my journey. When you look at your colleagues, so to speak, in acting, starting at such a young age and you go, huh. I am pretty normal. What do you make of all that? I say in the book, I think a lot of people, when they say normal, not completely messed up. If you will. We've all got our stuff. Absolutely. And you know, there is -- throughout the whole -- there i am as a little one. Doing my commercial. But yeah, I just -- I don't know. I feel like my family kept me on the right track. And you know, I was raised with a real work ethic. And I had responsibility. That's been able to follow me, you know, through my life and lead me to marry the right man and that kind of thing. But you're not afraid to talk about some of your -- you grew up. You talk about drugs. You talk about partying. I had a pretty normal childhood and experience, despite my pretty amazing circumstances, being around some -- like, you know, big names and growing up around really interesting people. But I feel like my family kept me very grounded. And now, my husband and my children do. Yeah. I don't know. It's all in there. It's all in there. I'm telling you. There are some kissing and some telling. And -- I'm nervous about it. This is the first day it comes out. I'm nervous to see how people react to it. I love that dress. In the commercial I was in. This was the dress -- this is my lucky dress. I talk about this in the book. At 4 years old, I wore this to all of my auditions. I got all of my jobs with this. We have a lot in common personally. One of the things is long island. And I love -- there is a distinct long island accent. And working in the media as an actress, you used a trick to get rid of it. Before we go, tell everybody. It was a director, a broadway director, joe, made me say, calling all dog daughters over and over again. Calling all dog daughters. I had to say calling all dog daughters. Almost every word rimes with that, and you get rid of it. Best of luck with the family, with the career. The book, melissa explains it all, available right now.

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{"id":20712964,"title":"Melissa Joan Hart Reveals the Secrets of Her Rise to Stardom","duration":"3:13","description":"The actress discusses her show \"Melissa and Joey\" and her new book, \"Melissa Explains It All.\"","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-joan-hart-interview-2013-actress-reveals-secrets-20712964","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}