Melissa McCarthy Offers Timeless Toast at The Time 100 Gala

ABC News' Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:33 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Melissa McCarthy Offers Timeless Toast at The Time 100 Gala
Just to note. All right, Lara, let's get some "Pop." We'll begin with the gala and Melissa Mccarthy had trademark humor. Everyone in this room obviously is known for their physical prowess and their superior athletic ability, I mean, people enjoy you for your Braun -- you know what, let me -- could you hold that for one minute? You know what, I'm hosting the espy awards later this year. I think I might just have the wrong -- let me -- give me one sec. It was a great moment. Everybody was like, what? After a couple of more jokes Melissa did get serious saying it doesn't matter how small or how big your cause is, even singing amazing songs like Ariana grande makes the world a happier place, how impressive it is that no one in that room picked the easy way, they were told you can't do it. They all just forged ahead and proof positive, Melissa Mccarthy, great speech, congratulations on the award. Now, to your dairy feel good story. Chobani's CEO, the chobani CEO surprised 2,000 full time employees with an ownership stake in the company. The yogurt mogul or I'd like to call him the yogul gifted employees with shares based on tenure, chobani is estimated to be worth more than $3 billion, guys. That means when the company goes public or sells itself, some employees could tan to cash in anywhere from $150,000 to $1 million worth of stock. Wow. Good for him. The CEO says he Aprils to share success with his entire family. Right now this is a private company so he's giving his shares back. So incredible. His own money away. He knows that that is going to create a wonderful workplace filled with trust, hard work, they're all in it together. America has this obsession with Greek yogurt. I feel it's because of chobani. I love that yogurt. Makes me want to buy chobani to know there's someone doing the right thing. Congrats on that. It's a happy "Pop news" day. You can call -- we found the sweetest gig in the world. Lisa Schroeder, you are my idol. So who can Lisa? She's Mars company's official taster. The candy company, snicker, twiks, she didn't have any specific qualifications to be a taster but was hired for her innate ability to identify and describe specific tastes, textures, flavors and as if endless candy not enough of a perk the job also includes traveling all over the world to ensure consistency of product. Lucky. She just has that -- I like when you're a taster, you wear a lab coat too official. She also has a great dental plan. I better check. Where do I want to go? Oh Italy's twix bars -- Look a little subpar. Congratulation, Lisa, I'm not jealous, I swear. Finally would like to introduce you to a baby ostrich who is not as athletic as his fellow feathered footracers. All seems right, right? Except -- ready, set, go. Where did everybody? Where did everybody go? That's "Pop news," everybody. We have much more coming up on

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"ABC News' Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38703738","title":"Melissa McCarthy Offers Timeless Toast at The Time 100 Gala","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-mccarthy-offers-timeless-toast-time-100-gala-38703738"}