Michael Brown's Mother: 'Justice' Will Restore the Peace in Ferguson

Lesley McSpadden and family attorney Benjamin Crump speak to Robin Roberts about her son's death and the unrest in Ferguson.
4:29 | 08/18/14

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Transcript for Michael Brown's Mother: 'Justice' Will Restore the Peace in Ferguson
from his home to a more secure place. The prosecutor here is under increasing pressure to get this case to a grand jury and decide whether there will be charges. George. A lot of people demanding answers. Steve, thanks very much. Robin. Let me can ask you this, what has been the reaction from the family with these results that are now known? It has been very, very troubling. They asked us some questions, but yet they offer many more. It confirms worst fears that the witnesses were telling the truth, robin, that her son was shot multiple times. And the most troubling is the head shot that, you know -- it's just not justified in any way, fashion or form to execute this child. We should note that the examiner said, and these are his exact words, he was careful to say that these -- Target is now targeting a new type of -- Justify the shooting. This is one of three autopsy reports. The federal government will conduct one coming up. Explain the need for multiple autopsies. Well, robin, the family wanted to make sure that they had their own independent autopsy because there was no guarantee that the federal government was going to do an autopsy. And if they did not do it, we would be left with the St. Louis law enforcement officer's autopsy. And Michael brown Jr. Wanted to rely on the same police department that executed her child in broad daylight. There was the need to have an independent autopsy and this independent autopsy showed he was shot in his head, his eye, his arm, his hand. And it was very troubling to this family. So they had to get the truth out. Lesley, to hear what you are saying, and what the preliminary results have shown, on Friday morning we spoke with the governor of Missouri. We also spoke with the police chief of Ferguson. This was following a peaceful night, Thursday night, in Ferguson. On Friday, they released the name of the officer, and they also released the security camera video of your son. Were you aware that -- of that video and that they were going to release it at that time? No. I wasn't aware. I didn't know they were. And I feel like it has nothing to do with what he did to my child. The man that's been put in charge by the governor, Ron Johnson, who is the head of the Missouri highway patrol, said that he has spoken to you. We know that he spoke at the church. But has he privately talked to you and the family. I did speak to him yesterday at the church. And what did he say to you, ma'am? He had a heartfelt message for me. And it was that that could have been his son. And he was sorry. And he's -- like everybody else, supporting, and hoping and praying that it doesn't happen again. Everyone shares that -- that sentiment. There have been many people who are supporting you. Peaceful protests, not only there in Ferguson, but all across the country. But as you know, there has also been violence there in your hometown. Looting and such. Right. How can peace be restored ? I know that you and the family have distanced yourself from the violence because it takes away from the focus of the investigation being on your son and what happened. How can peace be restored, ma'am? With justice. And what is justice to you? Being fair. Arresting this man and making him accountable for his actions. We thank you very much. I know it's extremely emotional time, especially today with the results being released. We appreciate your time this morning. And Mr. Crump, thank you. Thank you both. Thank you. And we apologize for the technical difficulties. That was Michael brown's mom, Lesley mcspad den and family attorney Benjamin crump.

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{"id":25019429,"title":"Michael Brown's Mother: 'Justice' Will Restore the Peace in Ferguson","duration":"4:29","description":"Lesley McSpadden and family attorney Benjamin Crump speak to Robin Roberts about her son's death and the unrest in Ferguson.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-browns-mother-justice-restore-peace-ferguson-25019429","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}