Michael Symon Tackles Super Bowl Recipes

"The Chew" chef shows "GMA" anchors how to win big with Super Bowl dishes.
3:50 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Michael Symon Tackles Super Bowl Recipes
Michael symon, every day on "the chew." He has a book out called "carnivore." Love the title. I like my meat. What can I say? This is about the super bowl in a few weeks. And your favorite halftime recipes. But not only halftime. You can do this all the time. Sneaking in already. I love sloppy joes. And I usually have a ground meat mixture. This is serious here. This is serious sloppy joes. You can use a shoulder cut or a brisket. We seasoned the meat with ground chipotle, cinnamon, a little allspice. We amped it up. The cinnamon, I have to throw the cinnamon in there. You can't have -- I feel like the sloppy joe, you have to amp up the heat. And the food has to bold. It should be delicious with beer. So, we're going to take our meat. And we start browning it off in here. Very hot pan. You do this in batches. You add a little bit, take a little out. Whoa. Chili. Until, it's all brown. George -- run, george, run. We set these back here. It's okay. When you are cooking with chilies, if you add it to the heat, it really gets going. You take them out of the pan. You can see the spices in there. I'm going to add my onions. I'm going to add my garlic. I'm going to get george a doctor. And a little bit ofomato paste with a pinch of salt. And we just stir that in until that breaks down. And we glaze that with a little bit of red wine and cook it down for about 10 or 15 minutes. Until it gets like this one right here. Now, you have this beautiful kind of mixture. Beautiful and thick. That's the base of your sloppy joes. Then, we add a little bit of sherry vinegar. This does. It has some spice. That's an understatement. Oh, god. You guys are so wheat toast. A little bit of chili. Brown sugar. Some thoomatoes. We cook that down. We add our browned meat back to our mixture. And then, just throw this on. You can also do this with sliders, if you want. It's like you can't stop. Even though it's burning my mouth up, I can't stop. That's right. It makes you feel good inside. A sloppy joe on "the chew." And I'm eating chili or a sloppy joe or wings, I want to feel it a little bit. I want that burn. That's how it should be, especially at the super bowl. I made george a special one, since he had to inhale about a pound of chilies. I did. You can make these for a group, little sliders. And it's easy finger food. I made it in the "carnivore" cookbook. We do it with venison. With chicken thighs. Pork. Where did you get that? You guys are sissies. It's good. It's so good. If you want, these are very mild wings made be sriracha. You get the first bite. It steams. Then, bam. Punches you in the face. All of the recipes for these treats in his book, "carnivore" and on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! And you can see michael on "the

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{"duration":"3:50","description":" \"The Chew\" chef shows \"GMA\" anchors how to win big with Super Bowl dishes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18301775","title":"Michael Symon Tackles Super Bowl Recipes ","url":"/GMA/video/michael-symon-tackles-super-bowl-recipes-18301775"}