Michelle Obama Celebrates Her 50th Birthday

Get an inside look at glitz and glamour of the first lady's big day.
3:00 | 01/19/14

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Celebrates Her 50th Birthday
The country's most exclusive. Dance party this a much lighter note here the White House for one night turning into discotheque of sorts. All in celebration of Michelle Obama turning that -- five votes so who were the superstars who made the list. Hottest party in town ABC's -- Sony has more details on the night's event including. This special performances and surprises for the First Lady. Good morning -- that's what we don't usually think of the White House as party central but that's exactly what it was last night in till the wee hours of this morning. Samuel L. Jackson James Taylor -- -- -- in just a few party years that Michelle Obama has been 50. Even PFF beyoncé who -- -- Obama's first inauguration. Gave Michelle a personal birthday performance. And then beyoncé performed and -- Obama made sort of make himself stay perfect a melting during a recent bill signing I've. I've got to get back because. Somebody's head have a birthday today. -- -- could not stop talking about Obama is very emotional speech about his First Lady. Moving and inspiring talking about her love for her daughters is really beautiful and really. -- overnight the White House will bump it. He's definitely against. Ouattara as big question for the VIP list what gift do you get hurt you. But when you're older she still knows how to get out and party now with VIP access to a new kind of club to -- Excited to join Barack in the fifty plus club today. Check out my 88. RP -- this is no ordinary fiftieth birthday party. The obamas are known for having over the top bashes and Michelle's fiftieth birthday was no different from breaking down Jimmy Fallon. Boston up the dance moves for her let's move campaign. We know Michelle can't help the party yeah. He's just told people to bring their comfortable shoes so you can be sure every Elvis dance scene in -- 1:2 o'clock in the morning. -- beyoncé wasn't the only person to -- Jennifer Hudson also did one of her new songs and Sasha and Malia also apparently invited friends to the party so that the whole family could have a good time together.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Get an inside look at glitz and glamour of the first lady's big day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21588912","title":"Michelle Obama Celebrates Her 50th Birthday","url":"/GMA/video/michelle-obama-celebrates-50th-birthday-21588912"}