Michelle Obama Describes Family Life as 'Safe Haven'

Barbara Walters sits down with President Obama and Michelle Obama for their first TV interview this year.
3:00 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Describes Family Life as 'Safe Haven'
Tonight, on a special "20/20," barbara sits down with president and mrs. Obama in their only interview together this year. As with all of barbara's interviews, this one is quite revealing. Barbara, good morning. Good morning. Now, I see you. Good morning. I have been fortunate to interview the president and first lady five, different times. And I think you'll see that when they're together, they're different. There's an affection and a relaxation that you don't see, you know, when he's addressing the camera during a serious interview. They bring out the best of each other. Do you think that the first lady might have made a better president than you? Of course. That's an easy question. But she's smart enough to know that, you know, she might not want to go through the process. I absolutely don't agree. I mean, it takes -- he has a level of patience and focus and tenacity and calm, you know, that -- that just doesn't, you know, come by. You don't have that patience? I definitely don't. So, do you, you know, when everything's quiet late in the evening, do you nag him and say, honey, why don't you this? That? No. I try not to do that. I try -- we both try to make sure that home is a sanctuary. Particularly because when we're home, our girls are home. And they dominate the conversation when they're there. And they're not talking about issues of the day. They're talking about issues of their day, which has nothing to do with what's going on in the rest of the world. So, you know, everyone has to have their safe haven, a place of peace and calm. You know, that's home for us. So, I try to stay out of his ear. He's got enough people in his ear. So interesting. You never see him smile so broadly as when he's with her. Did they talk at all about their plans when they leave the white house, which isn't too far away? He's very young. When he leaves the white house, he'll only be 55. He says he will not ever run again for elective office. I mean, he's not going to end up being governor or mayor of something. And a lot of it depends on sasha, the younger child. She will only be a sophomore by the time his term is up. So, the question is, do they stay in washington because of her? And it's something they are thinking about and discussed. Or do they take her out of school and go, where? Back to chicago? He has a home. He's a very young president. And he has many years ahead. Many years ahead. You also got a chance to see them with their dogs? Yeah. Everyone's favorite dogs. Bo is 5 years old, with the white paws and the white chest. And then, they have sonny. Sonny is 17 months old. I'm an authority on dogs. She says, she told me that when the president's away, she sleeps with bo. And I asked him about that. He said, no, she never does. And she said, shh. So, she does. This is not the first time you've interviewed a president. How many presidents have you interviewed? Eight. Eight presidents. Starting with richard nixon. Some think that I started with abraham lincoln. But that is a myth. No. Different presidents, you see with nixon. Nixon was very uncomfortable man. And hard to interview and get through to. And when we would sit beforehand, while the crew was getting prepared and he wanted to be sort of light, he would tell off-color jokes to the crew. Really? And to loosen the crew up. And say, hey, I'm one of you because he never really felt that way. Any other tidbits from the eight presidents you've interviewed in terms of what they're like off-camera? George bush liked to have laura bush next to him. And richard nixon never had pat next to him. Never? No. And they're favorite in the way they behaved. They would tell you how much time you had in advance. Bill clinton was always late and could stay forever. This is good stuff. I look forward to seeing it tonight. And you look terrific in those glasses. At least I can see. You can see barbara's special tonight on "20/20," at 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on abc. Thanks, barbara. Time, now, for the weather.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Barbara Walters sits down with President Obama and Michelle Obama for their first TV interview this year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21047604","title":"Michelle Obama Describes Family Life as 'Safe Haven'","url":"/GMA/video/michelle-obama-describes-family-life-safe-haven-21047604"}