Girl, 12, Survived Bear Attack: 'I Was Terrified'

Abby Wetherell thought she was "a goner" in attack during her jog.
2:44 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for Girl, 12, Survived Bear Attack: 'I Was Terrified'
We turn now to an incredible survival story. A 12-year-old girl attacked by a black bear, not once, but twice and she manages to get away. This morning she describes those horrifying moments and abc's linzie janis is here with her story. Good linzie so glad she's okay. Abby wetherell was mauled in cadillac, michigan, now after three nights in the hospital she is home with her family and talking about her ordeal exclely to "good morning america." I was terrified. Reporter: Abby wetherell says not only did she come face to face with a black bear like this one, she thought it would be the last face she'd ever see. I was thinking, oh, my gosh, this is it. I'm not going to live. Reporter: The 12-year-old was jogging along this trail thursday night when she ran across the several hundred-pound animal. All of a sudden the bear got me, put me down on the ground and started clawing me. Reporter: She scrambled to her feet and ran for her life but the bear came back. So I was like petting it. I don't know where that came from but I just thought maybe if I petted it it would like plea. Well, that did not work so then it just got me again and then i heard that you should play dead so that's what I did and then it kind of went away and it looked back then it just took off. I got up and I started running to my house. I think I was in shock when i first saw her. I was screaming, help, help and crying. I didn't believe it was a bear attack until I seen the claw marks and the bruises. Reporter: She suffered deep gashes to her back and cuts to her face requiring more than 100 stitches. When the bear was attacking me, I couldn't -- I couldn't feel it. I was just numb. Reporter: This morning she's not only relishing her big homecoming, she says she's ready to move on. It's over. But I'm not going to go in the woods without anybody but I'm still going in the woods. I'm okay and I'll be all right. Abby says in the moments after she was attacked she worried about her school soccer team wondering how they were going to win if she wasn't able to play goalie because the other goalie, she explained, had sprained her wrist and that speaks volumes about who this little girl is. Unbelievable. Incredible. And t presence of mind to remember that she should play dead. Right. Incredible. Wow. And trying to pet the bear is just almost too much. So glad she's okay. What a story. She better win that soccer

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{"id":19998312,"title":"Girl, 12, Survived Bear Attack: 'I Was Terrified'","duration":"2:44","description":"Abby Wetherell thought she was \"a goner\" in attack during her jog.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-girl-12-survived-bear-attack-terrified-19998312","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}