Who Was Militant Nabbed by US in Libya?

Anas al-Libi wanted for alleged ties to embassy bombings by al Qaeda.
2:14 | 10/07/13

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Transcript for Who Was Militant Nabbed by US in Libya?
Lara? Thank you, martha. A notorious al qaeda leader apprehended. Abu anas al libi is on the way to the united states to face charges. Brian ross is here with more. Reporter: The challenge now is to get al libi to talk. And a team of specially trained interrogate srs already on the case. Al libi was part of osama bin laden's early inner circle of al qaeda terrorists who plotted to attack the united states. I thing there's a lot he can say. A lot of gaps he can fill. Reporter: U.S. Officials say he was under surveillance in libya for several months. The u.S. Has a good idea how he might operate and will use to it break him. It's called the we know all approach or the futility approach, you fry to convince a deta detainee that you know everything. There's no reason for him to withhold it. You can break anybody. The important thing is just to build rapport. Get information. Figure out what mote faivates them. Reporter: The family saw what happened. It can be used if the interrogation against him. We call that the love of family approach. You emphasize the person's love to the family, relationships with family members in trying to get back to them or ease their burdens by cooperating. Reporter: And among the big questions for al libi, where is ayan al zawahiri hiding? What role, if any, did they play if the murder of the libyan ambassador? And when and where is the next attack on the u.S. Likely to come from al qaeda? The team of american interrogate lrs not be using waterboarding or other techniques considered to be torture. They'll take time, maybe lots of time, with a man who represents a major intelligence coup. Do they think they can get the answers? Reporter: If they have enough time. Thank you. The latest on the government shutdown. Seven days in and neither side is budges. I spoke with house speaker john boehner yesterday on "this

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{"id":20491544,"title":"Who Was Militant Nabbed by US in Libya?","duration":"2:14","description":"Anas al-Libi wanted for alleged ties to embassy bombings by al Qaeda.","url":"/GMA/video/militant-nabbed-us-libya-20491544","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}