Last-Minute Christmas Gift Wrapping Challenge

Maxwell Ryan, CEO of Apartment Therapy, offers tips on wrapping unusually sized gifts.
3:43 | 12/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Last-Minute Christmas Gift Wrapping Challenge
So we're back with last-minute Christmas wrapping challenge and put rob and Mara to the challenge. We'll look at how well they did wrapping oddly shaped items and one of my favorites maxwell Ryan is here to show us how it's really done. The first challenge for our teams was the soccer ball. I have actually given a soccer ball and it is a unique challenge so, rob, why don't you show us first how did you fare? I didn't have much of a strategy. I felt bad. What boos? It's an art piece. And Mara, your soccer ball. Oh, yeah. Sorry, rob. Maxwell. Here's the thing, clearly this is a better job. Yeah. Clearly. But she had to work really hard. There is a trick. The trick is, you take a ball and put it in a bowel and wrap it and tie it up. Why in a bowl. It holds it and then the paper -- And then the paper is here. Okay, there's no cut. It's just one sheet of paper. Just one sheet of paper. Tomorrow you're up. The next challenge was utensils. You want to give someone a house warming gift. New kitchen, new home. How do you do it? I'll let Mara start first. A similar idea. You have a candy theme. I'm hormonally primed for this and nesting like crazy. This is right up my wheelhouse. Let me tell you, this segment got my hormones cranking too and -- look at that advance -- that spatula. He shredded the paper itself. You wanted the paper shr shredded? Yeah. That's advanced. That's artwork. I'll let maxwell break the news to you. I think he put it in a blender as well. So -- People -- People. Use the apron. Use the apron, this is call ed a Japanese wrapping technique which you use fabric which you had -- What a great thing because kitchen items and an apron. We tricked you. You thought you needed to be wearing the apron. Don't reveal the final. The final was candles. I think that the problem with giving candles is obviously cylinder but also the trio of candles so, rob, you go ahead first. Come on, look at that, right? Got to give it up here. Where are the other ones? Trio, one there and one there. The coup De Grace. I did them individually. What do you think? I think you both did a really fine job. Actually, come on. But look at this. Light the paper. It's. It's a party popper. They're not going to know it's a candle until they open it up. How did you -- did you tape them together? No, they're using a couple sheets of wrapping paper. And tissue. Just one piece. And the secret trick is double sided tape there's no -- I just want to make sure he had the opportunity. I thought it was sticking everywhere. It was tying me up. Final tip on any oddly shaped gift, one nugget in a nutshell. One nugget or nutshell. Get creative. And do wrap it. Don't get gift bags. They're a copout. I don't like that one. Next, apartment therapy. I believe that the fruitcake, I'm sorry to say, rob, goes to our girl, Mara schiavocampo.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Maxwell Ryan, CEO of Apartment Therapy, offers tips on wrapping unusually sized gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35922209","title":"Last-Minute Christmas Gift Wrapping Challenge","url":"/GMA/video/minute-christmas-gift-wrapping-challenge-35922209"}