Miss America Preview From Las Vegas

2013 Miss America judge Sam Champion tours Las Vegas while awaiting the competition.
3:52 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for Miss America Preview From Las Vegas
We are live in Las Vegas ladies and gentlemen it is the home by the way of the twentieth thirteen Miss America pageant which is Saturday on ABC. I'm there are 53 gorgeous Smart women who are vying for that cry -- that title that crown and remember there are a lot of things on this planet but there's only one Miss America so it was impossible for me to do this alone I needed the help of Lara Spencer has been a judge before. I don't know much about Vegas so I need a little help from Cheryl Burke as well. Here's -- all that went down. Arrival Las Vegas, Nevada. My home for the next week. At Hollywood as a judge for the Miss America pageant sound like a tough job and I need some professional advice. I spent very wrap my GMA -- -- that figure to about Miss America she's in Las Vegas shooting at. DC 21 special Ed was head judge the contest. Last year when I'm time running -- a lot to learn how can look up to 31 stop a sneak peek at rehearsals it's a week before the big joke. Three contestants. Already party. Okay that's the big I couldn't you can do it in Lehrer is off back to New York I'm on my -- I gotta get work. But this is big is so what can be -- work it -- to be a little behind so -- judge -- with the stars pro Cheryl -- -- in the town. Why do when we hear out of my favorite shouting and -- I'd love us just how political got backstage and meet everybody aren't what -- tell -- the last plane hopefully. God is the spectacular served -- a late show and MGM grand its Allston on the jaw dropping stage the rises fifty feet straight up. It looks terrifying -- -- of course that -- -- ingredients that. Very good. The coolest thing ever but I'm nervous I'm more nervous than anything I've ever done. Clearly going. My life. Here at the Bellagio it's awesome and eight acre -- 22 million gallons of water are launched in -- dancing display of up to thirty different songs ever wonder how those songs -- -- To get that answer you've got to take it secret passageway high above the casino then up. This rickety ladder this spot so secret only six people at the casino are allowed into the room to control the finally -- do agree. And it's -- Even better. And then drop again Cheryl says in Vegas. -- there's always one more stop -- on the dance for you realize they can't. Really tell. There was so much to show you about Vegas we just didn't have time to show you everything. That we managed to do -- I I'm having the best time in the world. This is a difficult thing -- it goes every day all day today. We actually do the interviews with a contestant at and you know what's and that is probably the most important you wanna just really listen to those answers because. You -- -- find the girl that's that's real in a real representation. Of America and it's a big job Sam we're counting on you know. -- -- and then Larry you've got a special as well Saturday night just before the pageant that you're doing as well he actually been following these girls for months they need away from the local pageants it's not a documentary about. How they got the road to Miss America you -- and -- I've met a lot of the girls. You really can't go wrong 53 of the -- young ladies I've ever -- And we will take you through the process on Twitter remember that the pageant is Saturday night at nine I believe it's 8 central right here on the aid the -- and the --

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"2013 Miss America judge Sam Champion tours Las Vegas while awaiting the competition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18151190","title":"Miss America Preview From Las Vegas","url":"/GMA/video/miss-america-pageant-2013-preview-las-vegas-18151190"}