Alleged Miss Teen USA Extortionist Arrested

A young man allegedly hacked Cassidy Wolf's computer, stole nude photos, and tried to blackmail her.
2:04 | 09/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Miss Teen USA Extortionist Arrested
latest on this alleged blackmail plot against miss teen usa, cassidy wolf. A young man was arrested for hacking into her computer web cam. Allegedly taking nude photos of her and threatening to extort her to keep them under wraps. But she refused to be a victim. And abc's aditi roy has more. Reporter: She has youth, beauty. And miss teen usa may have justice. This morning, the man accused of targeting 19-year-old cassidy wolf in a sextortion plot, is out on bail. According to the federal criminal complaint. Jared james abraham used computer spyware to hack into 30 to 40 web cams. And secretly take nude pictures and video of at least seven victims, before allegedly threatening to make them public. Wolf talked about being one of the victims in august, on wpix. Cyber hacked and terrorized four months ago. My computer and my web cam were hacked into. Reporter: Wolf knew someone had stampered with her computer when someone changed her twitter profile picture to a half-nude picture. And she received an e-mail with nude pictures of herself. With a message of threatening to make them public. Saying her dream of being a model will be transformed into a porn star, unless she met one of three demands. You need to give me more nude photos. Or skype with me for five minutes and do what I say. Otherwise, your photographs will be posted online. Reporter: It turns out, wolf knows abraham, both graduating last year from the same high school. On behalf of the abrahams family, they want to express their profound remorse and regret. They acknowledged the harm that occurred. Reporter: Abrahams is expected to enter a plea at his arraignment. Investigators say more charges could come later. For "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":20394389,"title":"Alleged Miss Teen USA Extortionist Arrested","duration":"2:04","description":"A young man allegedly hacked Cassidy Wolf's computer, stole nude photos, and tried to blackmail her.","url":"/GMA/video/miss-teen-usa-cassidy-wolf-blackmailed-alleged-extortionist-20394389","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}