Missing Plane: Possible Debris Spotted in New Search Area

Officials believe the plane was going faster than originally thought, causing the plane to go down sooner.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Plane: Possible Debris Spotted in New Search Area
Now to a big change overnight in the hunt for missing Malaysia airlines 370. They believe the plane was going faster than initial thought shifting the search area hundreds of miles. ABC's David Kerley following it all and joins us again this morning with the very latest. Good morning, David. Good morning. For another week searchers may have been looking in the wrong place for this missing 777 this morning. Another new search map from the Malaysian government because theman was apparently traveling faster than first thought. This is the area they're now looking at but just learning they may have spotted objects in that new search area. All those hours and search planes over the rough Indian ocean. All those satellite photos. Were those objects possible debris or not? This morning a dramatic shift. The new search area, 1680 kilometers west of Perth remains in the Australian area of responsibility. Reporter: The Malaysians have now asked this search move 680 miles to the northeast, closer to Australia. The information provided by the international investigative team is the most credible lead we currently have in the search for aircraft wreckage. Reporter: Why the shift? The Malaysians saboing engineers in Seattle were able to take the radar data from early in the flight and the little information from the jet's track and then estimate that the 777 was traveling faster than first thought meaning it was burning fuel faster and would have run out of fuel and crashed into the ocean sooner. So today ten aircraft, six ships scoured this new search area. Essentially this accident happened three weeks ago and we are back to square one. Reporter: One benefit to the push north the search area falling outside the roaring 40s plagued by some of the most fierce currents but time is ticking on those black box pingers. It seems like a bad football team. This is a team that's going to lose the game because the clock runs out because they respect able to get a play into the huddle and aren't able to get the team on the field. Reporter: There is some good news. This new area the weather is better, currents better of the should be easier to search. That's the good news. The bad news for the families. They were told in baimg by Malaysian airline official, many of them walked out of the meeting in disgust. Josh and robin. How much more can they take?

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{"id":23097080,"title":"Missing Plane: Possible Debris Spotted in New Search Area","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials believe the plane was going faster than originally thought, causing the plane to go down sooner.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-malaysian-plane-debris-spotted-search-area-23097080","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}