Missouri Police Believe College Student May Have Killed Her Fiance

Meghan Werner, 22, is charged with murdering her fiance and police allege she staged the body to look like suicide.
3:36 | 12/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missouri Police Believe College Student May Have Killed Her Fiance
Move on to a Missouri college student charged with murdering her fiance. Police believe she did it and staged it to look like suicide. ABC's Mara schiavocampo here with the story. Good morning, Mara. Reporter: George, good morning, the victim also a student and on the cusp of a new life having just graduated with a new job and new apartment but the woman who was to be his future wife ended it all, some say. This morning a college student charged with murder, after police say she tried to make her fiance's death look like a suicide. It's a tragic situation, just the whole thing. Reporter: Authorities say early this month they found 22-year-old Meghan Werner staggering down a Missouri street at 5:45 A.M. When stopped officers say she told them her fiance had committed suicide. According to police documents officers arriving at the couple's home found the body of 222-year-old curt Marzolf on the floor inside a bedroom with an assault-style rifle nearby. The engineering student dead just one week before his graduation ceremony. Which is a shame, he already had himself a full time job as an engineer in Kansas City. Reporter: But the report also notes a spent rifle shell casing was found on the floor of the living room adding there were signs of a physical altercation in the apartment and blood on Werner's pants that they believe belonged to the victim leading them to arrest her. She's never been in any trouble. Reporter: Marzolf and Werner both students at this university had been dating for three years and were newly engaged. The couple was reportedly part of a local hunting club and had guns in their home. Now, Marzolf's loved ones are mourning their loss. Missouri university of science and technology will present a bachelor of science in mining engineering to curt Marzolf. Reporter: His brother walking in his place at graduation. Confer this degree and offer with our sincere sympathy. Reporter: The family telling ABC news in a statement, curt was truly an amazing young man who was always thinking of others first. He was so excited for the future. A future now gone. Werner has pleaded not guilty. She's out of jail right now. $1 million bail. We did reach out to her for comment but did not get a response. There is a preliminary hearing set for the end of January so certainly will learn a little more about the circumstances. Let's talk about this. Thank you very much. With our FBI special agent brad Garrett, former agent, now our ABC news consultant. A sign of a struggle inside the house. What other kind of clues will they look for to tell the difference between murder and suicide? Well, location of the shots on the body, George, the distance of the shot and if there were more than one shot. And, you know, is this a common kind of crime? Well, it's not totally uncommon for people to get into an argument, guns appear, people are shot and then the person who is still alive panics and they start rearranging the scene, making it look more like an attempted suicide or a real suicide. They typically do a poor job and they do it in such haste, most law enforcement agencies will figure it out. They figure it out and she's now being charged with second degree murder. What does that mean and where does the case go from here? Second degree murder typically means that it probably wasn't premeditated. A passion type shooting. And that, you know, is there wiggle room for her to plea down to mapsslaughter, we'll have to see. Coming up on "Good morning America."

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Meghan Werner, 22, is charged with murdering her fiance and police allege she staged the body to look like suicide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35920871","title":"Missouri Police Believe College Student May Have Killed Her Fiance","url":"/GMA/video/missouri-police-college-student-killed-fiance-35920871"}