Modern-Day Noah Makes Tsunami-Proof Boat

A Crazy Idea that Just May Work
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Transcript for Modern-Day Noah Makes Tsunami-Proof Boat
About three years ago there was giants and army and Fukushima and it was horrible. It's happened to be working at a startup incubator -- time and lot of Smart people around and so -- the tsunami happened and and when started to ask questions about how they would solve the problem of surviving a tsunami if you knew it was happening in. -- are doing sketches and I loved the sketches sketches were very cool. So what -- you do that you can just climb into in your backyard. Seems like. It might be the way to go instead of climbing -- her car and he chased by way. Send -- ideas to have a hole in the outside. And -- inside and -- kind of news financial strength -- In the cylinder. -- -- -- So right out of college I got a job. Jet program so I was there teaching English proficiency. And met my wife. There 2000 teaching them the jet program and was -- the city was wonderful I was living in Japan. About three years in total and -- was the first year that it was tough to see this footage. Tsunami. He has a lot of the places that were -- places that I said go -- my my and we were -- -- numbers -- pretty rare things. Big sit -- this happened maybe once a decade there. We're not very common really for odd reasons that the that particular earthquake. That two or three times more than we ever saw before was is bigger than people expected they get all the scientists like heavily need. -- say this is the maximum -- you can expect. In historical times and they -- just won't -- 50% or something like. The idea that's not happen and have that destructive force -- there really wasn't at that time any kind of viable. Plan to survive and other than just get to higher ground and in some of the footage you see these cars driving on -- tiny farm roads. With a twenty foot wall of water rushing after and -- -- -- -- make it. I can think of it is giant standing out in the ocean here he lifts the bottom of the sea floor up. All the largest slides in and won't stop. For ten minutes he lowers the ocean all the -- -- sucked back out for better and they're very fast way. He's way to go about the speed of a moped. A tsunami wave in the middle of the ocean goes to speed of the -- The force -- don't vote I was. User experience design which is. Pushing pixels around the building the right product experience for people use. The one of the things that led me to the boat building was just before. I look at everything as -- challenges and opportunities. Better and when -- -- came along it looked everywhere for well how would you do this better than just run like hell. Like -- -- this design for this 22 foot long ten. Foot -- -- half foot tall. Almost like -- hot dog run. -- life there's two components to the vote practice hemisphere peace and then there's a cylindrical. Hemisphere peace on either -- is -- You know -- modular fashion there's just fifteen they look like apple slices that are epoxy together so each one of the elements that makes up the issue is just -- -- -- Barriers and anything that don't have cable and over again until it -- going -- -- African plywood which is super -- very -- Put together I would he's is that don't Ghulam into the plywood don't doesn't come apart. -- all put in -- these composite. Mostly plastic. Staples. Of -- stable Cisco and I -- probably ten times more staples from someone who knows how to build. Any metal fasteners that are used in the assembly hall compounds so UN -- just within a -- but why -- -- thin enough so that it -- -- it you also need. The plywood to cross the cross itself so that you're getting strength in different areas and again staggering -- -- -- -- To view that means we'll -- from time -- time. Make sure that the next -- staggering. Joints Jack it up and in the four -- four comes out and then I'll amounts. Very heavy duty wheels. Huge one of the individual components that I built -- super strong into the stable you know they're all -- enough wanted to make them that I can. Lift them onto. The scaffolding that holds the -- But he's asking myself. You know people build -- -- -- -- -- Hardly ever been on -- So this is that they expect from. I had a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Francesco and so we were going over this design and I was obviously really into this at some point things. He realized well you know this kind of -- this useful ideas presence when asked wolf what you do when you know it's -- coming and his. Always think maybe you just of that. Now -- that was the answer and it was funny maybe that's why there's no there's no plan. You can have more people who are interested in being there when we tested. And we have. Float -- -- party at the end of the grade.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A Crazy Idea that Just May Work","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23192489","title":"Modern-Day Noah Makes Tsunami-Proof Boat","url":"/GMA/video/modern-day-noah-makes-tsunami-proof-boat-23192489"}