Modern Love: Relationship Plays Out on Instagram

Elizabeth Wisdom and Denis Lafargue met and later got engaged through the photo sharing site.
4:34 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for Modern Love: Relationship Plays Out on Instagram
Next up here, a modern romance. Very modern. It all began on instagram. Dennis and elizabeth. They say, they love taking and posting photos. It led them to find each other. Now they're planning a wedding. We're going to meet them in a moment. First, here's their wonderful story. They're own unconventional love story. Elizabeth wisdom posted this photo on her instagram account. Dennis lafargue commented. My family did the same trip the summer before. It sparked our conversations back and forth. He kept comments on my photos. And so, I finally decided to check out his profile and see who this guy was. I started looking forward to comments from him. Reporter: What was next for the couple of 21-year-olds who liked each other? I was excited when he got my numbers. I rep thinking, oh, wow. This is going outside of instagram. Reporter: They decided to meet. Elizabeth drove seven hours from texas to louisiana to meet him. A day later, another posting. It's official, guys, elizabeth wisdom is my insta lady. Nine months later, an elaborate marriage proposal no tin the works. Reporter:30 photos led her to a barn on her grandmother's property, the place she always wanted to be married. ♪ I have never seen a woman ♪ Reporter: The question popped. The answer? Yes. Where would I be without instagram. ♪ Forever and always ♪ that's awesome. Elizabeth and denis joining us now. With would you be without instagram. what's it been like for them. They saw two become one. Now it goes here. It's been great to here people say they've been following our story the entire time. It's like, it's so encouraging for us. And just to know that there's a whole community out there that supports our relationship and understands it. It's terrific. You guys seem like it's very organic. How is it for your family? Were there any concerns? For sure. My family was -- skeptical at first. My mom has an instagram. So she was not as skeptical. But my dad was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. It took a couple of weeks for my parents to understand that i was serious about elizabeth. An for them to really accept it and support it. Is there there there was something hooking you from the start. What was it about the pictures? One of them that got me was a picture of a tattoo she had gotten over the summer. It's a scripture verse that is her grandfather's favorite. Her being a christian was very important to me. And crater lake picture in oregon. Her family did a trip up the west coast. The summer before that, my family did the same trip. We had stopped there. It was one of my favorite spots. It's a beautiful place. There had to be a moment where you thought, this is more than the pictures, I think she's cool. What made you go, I think i might love her? A couple of weeks into it, she posted a picture of herself and I was like -- hello. Whoa. Yeah. Even better than crater lake. Absolutely. We saw -- we saw the wonderful proposal. It actually went down in your grandmother's barn. Place that is very important for you. So where are you getting married? Outside the barn between two oak trees and so the barn will be a backdrop for the wedding. That's beautiful. Outside the barn. Quickly, we have been asking all of you. We'll share one here. Keep 'em coming. How did you find love online. Lots of tweets. This one from new york. Met my hubd online through yahoo! Personals. Married four years, three little boys together. One of hundreds and hundreds coming in. Keep them coming. We want to hear more of your story. To be continued. Loved meeting you. COMING UP, THE DOs AND DON'Ts OF ONE OF THE HOTTEST

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{"id":20775296,"title":"Modern Love: Relationship Plays Out on Instagram","duration":"4:34","description":"Elizabeth Wisdom and Denis Lafargue met and later got engaged through the photo sharing site.","url":"/GMA/video/modern-love-relationship-plays-instagram-20775296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}