Molly Shannon talks being a 'silly' mom, new movie

The "Fun Mom Dinner" star shares an epic prank she played on her son and reveals the "crazy fun" dinner she had with fellow mom friends that lasted all night.
6:02 | 07/31/17

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Transcript for Molly Shannon talks being a 'silly' mom, new movie
And you know, nothing better than laughing and laughing with your audience. We have a special guest who's going to make us laugh, a true superstar. She's starring in a new movie called "Fun mom dinner." Please welcome Molly Shannon. Yeah, George. Amy. Michael. Thank you. Thank you for coming. This is so fun. Isn't it? We are so excited to talk about your movie, "Fun mom dinner." Yes. Your character in the movie is obsessed with social media. Yes, she is. She's an oversharer. We want to talk about your Instagram because we checked yours out too. You did? Yeah. We found this awesome video of you water skiing. Tell us about this. My family and I were on vacation in lake arrowhead and my kids and my husband were going to wake up and water ski and they're like, you're going to do it too, right, mommy. And I didn't have a desire to do it. That was your first time? My very first time. Thank you, George. Takes a lot of muscle. So much muscle. I stayed up and I was so nervo nervous. I was surprised how out of breath you get. I don't need to do it again, let's say that. But I'm glad I did it. Molly just mentioned she's a very physical person and in this movie, "Fun mom dinner," she flips a guy over a table. Do you ever worry about stuff like that when you're filming because you are such physical comedian. Yes, I actually do worry about that. I think because I did physical comedy so much on "Snl," we always had the same people helping us with stunts and making sure everything was padded. But in movies, things do happen so you do have to be careful. So I always think -- yeah, that was -- that was the hardest. I think I learned so much about -- I would prefer if it was just me and an object versus me and another person, but yeah. Ridiculous. We saw her in "Snl." Let's see a little bit of the movie. I got us a reservation. Would you want to join? Topless? Yeah, topless. Sexy dancers. No, tapaa. Wow, that would be really nice, thank you. We like to do these fun mom dinners, lots of wine, no kids. It's kind of heaven. Why not? Yes, yes. Do your kids think you're a fun mom? They do. I think they think I'm silly. I like to play games a lot. Like my -- we were interviewing new babysitter/nannies and I said to my daughter, we should trick -- my son Nolan, her brother. So my daughter Stella dressed me up in an outfit, put a wig on and sunglasses and a scarf and I pretended to show up on the front lawn to ring the doorbell and we had my son and his friend look out the window and I pretended I was the nanny interviewing for a job. I picked up a leaf and acted really weird and waved to them and they were like, she looks weird! So we do silly things like that. There's a great karaoke scene in the movie. You look so natural at it. When is the last time you went out and had a karaoke night? Well, Michael, I'm not that big into karaoke but I had dinner recently with Kate beck ins sale and she said, come on. So we stayed up all night and did shots of tequila. Actually, she did. But we sang songs from Annie and it was so much fun. There you are. I love that. That was from our karaoke night in Los Angeles. Your Instagram. You really have. Isn't it amazing the more tequila you drink, the more you like karaoke. Exactly. And the better you sing. Yeah. But things get out of hand in this movie at the dinner. I'm curious, do you have anything you can say for morning television about maybe one of your real life fun mom out dinners? Yes, Michael. I had this crazy fun night. My husband was out of town and my neighbors Tracy and Laura -- Morning TV now. Morning TV. They came over and it started where we were sitting on the front lawn and had a little champagne. Then my friends came over and we stayed up all night drinking champagne on the front lawn. By midnight the kids were making waffles and things were breaking. It was one of the best nights. We all laughed. It was spontaneous and fun. And your husband missed it all. My husband missed it all, yes. But I think the movie is interesting because it is true that sometimes you become friends with these mothers who have kids and you may be the only thing you have in common is you have kids and you think I would never be friends with this kind of person if it weren't for our children but then it is true in life, I had a friend like that who our kids were friends and I thought we're so different and I really grew to love her and it was funny because she wouldn't be the type of person that I would be friends with. I love some of my mom friends. Yeah, and they're sharing your closest thing which is being a mom. Your children. Your children, yeah. It takes a village. You've had that, Lara? Oh gosh, yeah. I have this whole crew and we're so different and they're nothing like the girls that I grew up with but they're so dear to my heart and we all have something to offer and we really do parent as a group. We all do here too. It does help to have other parents to lean on and have tequila with occasionally. It really does. Tell you what, I guarantee a lot of moms are going to have a fun mom night out by seeing the movie. The movie is "Fun mom dinner." It will be in select theaters and on demand this Friday. Check out the very funny Molly Shannon. Molly, we love you.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"The \"Fun Mom Dinner\" star shares an epic prank she played on her son and reveals the \"crazy fun\" dinner she had with fellow mom friends that lasted all night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48941888","title":"Molly Shannon talks being a 'silly' mom, new movie","url":"/GMA/video/molly-shannon-dishes-fun-mom-dinner-48941888"}