Mom bloggers create healthy and kid friendly back-to-school lunches

Two homecooks and mommy bloggers battle it out to make a healthy and fun lunch for kids to take to school and present their dishes to be judged by celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.
3:38 | 08/07/17

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Transcript for Mom bloggers create healthy and kid friendly back-to-school lunches
We are now helping you get ready for the new school year with our be your best back-to-school segment sponsored by Disney healthy living. Alice and Laura are coming up but I'll start with Alex guaranschelli. Great to have you. Thank you. Alex, you've got a lot to tell us coming as far as school lunches. I though this is a stressful time. But you got a new show on food network just premiered. Yes. "Chopped grillmasters"? Super excited about that. Yeah so what do we see? What's the challengy. The challenge is how do you do something like grilling that takes hours and hours in 30 minutes and get something good, four plates of it is tough. Looks easy at home when you're watching and eating potato chips. I know what I would do but when you're there, oh, yeah. This morning a competition of our own but first what's your go to? I know you have a daughter so you have to do school lunches. That bar has to be pretty high. Yes, it is because my daughter says, you know, mom, if I don't like what you give me for lunch you're chopped so it's really tough but also if I don't want to eat the lunch myself that I made for my daughter that's my one thing. Sometimes I've made her lunch and eaten a lot of it so this is just one of my favorites. It's Turkey with avocado, green apple and mayonnaise that I kind of soup up with a little bit of apple cider vinegar to give it brightness and use less mayo and healthy avocado. Better than any school lunch I've had but let's start. The competition is beginning. This is Laura Fuentes, momables is your blog. Mother of three. You brought us something that looks pretty enticing and not at all what I think of for school lunch. Yeah, well, what I have here today is a lunch box buritabbe. Protein, fiber, all the things kids can customize and we have a light creamy dressing, we put a little over it. It goes straight in the lunch box, right. Very compartmentalize great for portion control. It's a winner for dinner, winner for lunch. I like that. And compared to a fast food take-out restaurant but from 900 calories to just 350 we shed a lot of fat and add all the things kids like. That's the thing. You did well. Over to Alice Choi. You're a mother of two. Yes. The hip foodie mom is your blog. That is correct. You brought us something. I'm telling you right now I'm not trading either of these lunches. I have chickpea veggie meatballs. Great option. Chickpeas which is my main source of protein, corn, zucchini, eggplant, pulse it in the food processor and put it in the bowl mixed with Panko ground flaxseed meal added nutrition and fiber and lemon zest to brighten it up. Mix everything up together and form and shape your meatballs and bake in a 400-degree oven and make a big batch, bake it and freeze them and then they're good to go to reheat on the morning of. Looks pretty good. Alex, who wins the Golan lunch box? The pressure. I can't stand the pressure. Well, I thought they were both great. I think lump has to be interactive for kids to like it but I'm going to have to say I vote for the meatballs. All right. They're really great. Congratulations. Thank you. You can find all the recipes and calorie counts -- these of course get the Disney check of approval for helping kids eat healthier. Find them and more from Alex on our website. Coming up, Rita Ora is here.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Two homecooks and mommy bloggers battle it out to make a healthy and fun lunch for kids to take to school and present their dishes to be judged by celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49071390","title":"Mom bloggers create healthy and kid friendly back-to-school lunches","url":"/GMA/video/mom-bloggers-create-healthy-kid-friendly-back-school-49071390"}