Mom of Three Says Blogging Ruined Her Family Life

Josi Denise says her popular "American Mama" blog ruined her life, so she quit. Her frank sign-off post went viral - and earned her backlash from other mothers online.
2:45 | 05/31/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mom of Three Says Blogging Ruined Her Family Life
Confessions of a mommy blogger making thousands of dollars with her posts but now revealing that the idealized images weren't real and faking it was hurting her family. "Nightline's" juju Chang here with the story. Good morning, everybody. Good morning, George. She was the wildly successful mommy blogger with sponsors lavishing her with vacations and product endorsements but having to aer pooh happy all the time to keep those paid posts going started to feel like a sham but it's the way she quit her blog that is causing quite a stir. I was a mommy blogger and it consumed my life. Reporter: Josie says her picture perfect life on the American mama started out as a way to earn extra money. I had to up 50,000 unique viewers per month and was making up to $1500 per blog post. The 27-year-old mother of three would stage and post nearly every moment of her life. From birthday Pears to family vacations. But she says it was squeezing the joy out of parenting and her marriage. Life wasn't nearly as peachy as the pictures she posted. Not even close. I was posting photos that were happy because I needed that post because I needed if it was a sponsored post especially I needed the happy photos so if I had a deadline to meet the sponsored post and we weren't actually having a great time, I still needed to get those photos. Reporter: Feeling like she was living a lie she quit the blog and now she's revealing what she says is a father said. An exposing the world of paid posts. In a candid signoff that's gone viral called dear mommy blogger, she writes, 90% of the fake nonsense I used to share on the internet as a mommy blogger writing about my fake life and oh, so, happy marriage, they are pure bull. What jose is expressing about the insincerity of her posts is a problem with all social media because we have a habit of only posting the most perfect images that make our lives look incredible. Reporter: She says she's much happier without the burden of a blog. I feel better about myself so I don't have the constant insecurity and need to post constant cheerful positive messages online. It's definitely a relief to be able to be authentic. So you know bloggers with a lot of followers are called influencers and while most are paid about 125 bucks for a post, Denise said she was making up to 1500 for some of her posts but said a lot of these moms, it's not about the money, it's about the validation and the prestige of having like a national ad campaign. And being authentic feels good. We should have bloggers put all the messy moments on. I would watch that. I think it would be free. A lot of likes. Thank you, juju. Over to Michael. All right, George, thank you

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Josi Denise says her popular \"American Mama\" blog ruined her life, so she quit. Her frank sign-off post went viral - and earned her backlash from other mothers online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39491871","title":"Mom of Three Says Blogging Ruined Her Family Life","url":"/GMA/video/mom-blogging-ruined-family-life-39491871"}