Mom claims baby lost consciousness on flight

Emily France says her son, Owen, overheated while on a United Airlines flight that was delayed on the tarmac in 90-degree weather at Denver International Airport.
2:27 | 06/27/17

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Transcript for Mom claims baby lost consciousness on flight
Right now we move on and begin this half hour with those terrifies moments on the tarmac for a mom who feared for her baby's life as he overheated as it took two hours waying to take off. David Kerley has the story now. Reporter: Good morning. Emily France was headed from Colorado to Texas with her baby and got stuck in a weather delay and for nearly two hours had to deal with her baby, the heat and says her son began losing consciousness. Return to gate, shortness of breath. Reporter: The Colorado mother is angry over united airlines' response to what she said were scary moments on a flight. We have an infant with shortness of breath. This is going to be a return to gate. Reporter: Emily France said she and her son were on the plane, got off and back on with the temperatures around 90 degrees. She says there was hot air coming out of the vents while waiting to take off and that the longer they waited the hotter her son got. Flight attendants brought her bags of ice she says to help cool Owen down and let her stand by the open door but says Owen began drifting in and out of consciousness fearing for the 4-month-old's life she pleaded for an ambulance. We have an ambulance request for bravo 61. It's going to be on the aircraft. Reporter: She says it took a half hour to get off the jet. Overnight Emily France telling ABC news I stood in the front of the plane door holding my limp son as the ground crew told us they could not get us off the flight. The evacuation was chaos. I thought my child was going to die in my arms. I'm sharing Owen's story in the hopes that this never happens to anyone ever again. United airlines telling ABC news the pilot returned to the gate as our crew called for paramedics to meet the aircraft. We have reached out to our customer directly and apologized for their experience on this flight. We are actively looking into what happened. Now united airlines says from the time it called for the paramedics until the paramedics was 16 minutes not a half hour but, George, when you're a parent and worried about your child's health, it seems like an eternity. Are there any hard rules about what the airlines are supposed to do in a situation like that? Reporter: You know, there are passenger bill ofrights, the tarmac delay, you can't be out there for longer than two hours but a health issue, that goes out the window. You want to take care of that situation as quickly as possible. Okay, David Kerley, thanks

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Emily France says her son, Owen, overheated while on a United Airlines flight that was delayed on the tarmac in 90-degree weather at Denver International Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48298119","title":"Mom claims baby lost consciousness on flight","url":"/GMA/video/mom-claims-baby-lost-consciousness-delayed-flight-48298119"}