Mom Mistaken for Husband's Mother Gets 'GMA' Makeover

Elementary school teacher Cassie Montemarano is 33 years old but appears much older.
4:59 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Mom Mistaken for Husband's Mother Gets 'GMA' Makeover
It's the big lose ten years in 60 minutes, summer edition. Cassy. She stepped in about an hour ago, and the "Gma" beauty dream team, Greta, Ted Gibson, they have been so busy stripping away the years. Before we see what she looks like now, let's here her story. Reporter: Of all the submissions for "Gma's" lose ten years in 60 minutes, it was her story that made us pause. A few years ago I injured my back, so my husband took me to the chiropractor. She made a comment about it was so nice of your son to bring you. That's not my son, that's my husband. Reporter: She says she's been thought of as older. A lot of people ask if I'm my mother's sister. I don't think I look that old. She's giving a ton of hours to her school and students. As that happens, she doesn't have time to really take care of herself. Reporter: Her family saying she's constantly putting the needs of others before her own. She's the greatest mom in the world. Reporter: We took to the streets to get your estimates. How would? 40. 47. Mid-50s. 50, 55. Reporter: Her real age? She's actually 33. Oh, sorry. That's too bad. Wow. Reporter: Cassie in great hands, Nallie, Ted Gibson, and Greta Monahan. They are ready to turn her dream of looking ten years younger into a reality. I can't wait so see her the way she looks to me every day. I want to do it for me. But I guess a little bit for Katie, I don't want her to think she has a really old-looking mom. I'm really excited to see my mom ten years younger. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Sara Haines, ABC news, New York. All right, Sara, thank you. And a moment of truth. Here's a shot of cassie stepping into our time machine. And now let's see her. Greta, do the honors. Open that door. There she is. Amazing! Should we let cassie see her new look? Yes. Absolutely. Take her to the mirror. Oh, my gosh. Isn't that -- thank you. Oh. Turn around. We can take a great look at you. I can see you tearing up. Your first impression? I look amazing. I love hearing you say that. And your other half, Steven, come over here. What do you think of her? I knew she was going to look good, but not this good, wow. We better make this quick, then. I'm so excited for you, and I want to say congrats to the dream team again. What was the plan here? The plan right away was to get her to show a little skin. You have to show a little skin, strategically. Covered her arms, show nice leg. And just like you, trendy in your accessories. You have to be modern and in the moment to lose ten years. I love the hair. Tell me about her hair, Ted. What can our viewers take away? Bring the length up. I need to do that. I have been tell dwroing you to come in. And highlighting the hair, a few highlights to get it a little bit of lightness. Lighter hair, when you get older, very important. Something about bangs? Bangs instead of botox. Oh. Let me tell you what, staring at you. I want that necklace. Love the haircut. You look fabulous. And the makeup. We had to bring it a little in, a little snookie. She has great skin. Three words, hydration, hydration, hydration. Beautiful, gorgeous skin. She looks amazing. And at home watching, hydration? How to get it? Moisturizer. Great liquid foundations. And a little bit of that -- Highlighter. She got it. That's right, baby. That's right. Okay, guys. I want to thank our "Gma" dream team, Nallie, Greta, Ted Gibson. And the one and only, so young I'm going to need id, man. And Steve, thank you for being with us and trustingus. And if you want tips, go to "Good morning America" on Yahoo!. Ginger, can you tell me how

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{"id":24831326,"title":"Mom Mistaken for Husband's Mother Gets 'GMA' Makeover","duration":"4:59","description":"Elementary school teacher Cassie Montemarano is 33 years old but appears much older.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-mistaken-husbands-mother-gma-makeover-24831326","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}