Utah Family Battles for Custody of Adopted Daughter

Dan Abrams discusses man's seeking custody of the daughter he never knew was given up for adoption.
1:58 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for Utah Family Battles for Custody of Adopted Daughter
Let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, in this case. The judge in this case said he was astonished and deeply troubled. It's hard to believe that a baby can be given up for adoption without consent. This is a clear in my view legal case. This is a married father. If this was an unmarried father, this might be a tougher case. Questions of abandonment and involvement, et cetera. This is a married father's child. And in the state of utah, i think that the fry family is going to have a tough time arguing that they ought to get the child back. The question is, why did the adoption agency do what it did, didn't do what it did, et cetera? The judge seemed very irritated at the fact that as soon as the father reached out to the adoption agency, the adoption agency's position was, we can't give you any information. And the judge is like, how is that possible that the father can't get information about his own child who is being put up for adoption? Not only did the adoption agency stonewall the father and husband of the mother in question, they knew, the adoption agency knew, it was doing the adoption without his consent or permission or knowledge. And warned the adoptive family about that, saying, we might have a problem down the line. They say the warning is the key, right? And in a legal matter, I don't know that that's that relevant. But it's a moral matter, it is significant. This is a really sad case all around. It is possible that every, single person involved in this case, was trying to do what's in the best interest of the child. If you think about it. The mother wanted to ensure the child who was best, the father and the adoptive parents, as well. It's going to be a long battle. It's gone on a year and a half. And you wonder about the poor, little girl at the center of this case. My goodness, tragic for this father. We'll be keeping in touch on that. Now, to the health scare for

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Dan Abrams discusses man's seeking custody of the daughter he never knew was given up for adoption.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17883208","title":"Utah Family Battles for Custody of Adopted Daughter","url":"/GMA/video/mom-puts-daughter-adoption-fathers-permission-utah-family-17883208"}