Mom Rocks Bus Stop Costumes

Julie Mudrick is the life of the party at her children's elementary school bus stop -- and does counting on your fingers make you smarter?
9:10 | 10/25/16

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Transcript for Mom Rocks Bus Stop Costumes
so you know usually we're inside but we are getting ready for the election in two weeks so they had to build the set. Right, right, so we're out here freezing. We're out here freezing but there's a Halloween countdown. Even though we're freezing how many are excited for Halloween? Which in turn leaves us to our first story which you have. So funny you should mention that, Michael. Yes, we have this mother of five, her name is Julie Mudrick and she dresses up as a Halloween character at the bus stop and goes and picks up her kids. Different one every day. Different one every day for the entire month of October and did this because one of her children was a little -- a bit shy and feeling different and wanted to show that being different is okay. Would you like to meet this mom from Virginia? She's at the bus stop. So let's see what she's dressed up as today with two of her children. There she is. Hey, Julie. So, adorable. Adorable. So, Julie, explain why you wanted to do this why do you do this? Well, I started in 2013 because my son was a perfectionist and was hard on himself and was shy and I wanted him to know that it was okay to be different and to stand out and sometimes people laugh at you and sometimes they wouldn't but that's okay. Life shouldn't be so serious especially when you're a child and find fun among the mundane and so I started dressing up. How have the kids been about this, mom? They loved it actually. They look forward to every October and all the kids on the bus stop do too. And my daughter last year started school earlier and I said do you want me to dress up for your bus too and she said can I dress up with you for the elementary school kids so she's been my partner for two years now. Wonderful. Has it helped your son, Julie, at all? It has helped my son so much. He's in sixth grade now and he's a little shy still but that's just his personality but he has been goofy and has done thing that's wouldn't have done are, you know, three years ago and it's so refreshing and, in kt fact, he told me in middle school he's looking forward to dressing one me then. Coming out of his shell. They're out of their shell this morning. That's for sure. Definitely are. I got to tell you that was a creative idea and it's working for you and it's just wonderful that you found a way to help your son and to have a little -- come on. You have a little fun with this too, don't you, Julie? That's right. I do. I do. It's a good creative outlet. But it doesn't take much time at all and that's something that I put into it, I try to find pieces around the house and come up with fun costumes with those little pieces. It's a long month, October. Different outfit. November is going to be a breeze. I'm sure the kids at the bus stop seem to enjoy it too. They love it. They really do. I've had a few moms come up and thank me and they said my son looks forward to this every day and I love it. I love it other kids have found out they can have fun and enjoy life and spread joy. Any chance the other moms are going to join you? Actually, yes. We have a surprise for Halloween. We're going to dress up as skeletons just really simple and we're going to do part of the "Thriller" dance. That's our surprise for Halloween. Please tell me a camera will be rolling. Please tell me you're going to tape it. I'm sure that's going to be priceless. But, Julie -- Okay, great, we'll do that. Please do. Thank you very much. Thank you. Wave. Can you wave? She is all in. I'm glad the kids are at school and don't know about the surprise. That is good. I have somebody who I'm bringing to the table today. She is one of the leading ladies of the hit comedy "Broad city" and now she's got a hilarious new book out called "Carry this book" and it's abbi Jacobson, everybody. Hi, abbi. Hi, guys. Hi. How is it going? It's cold. Nice to see you. Hi. Hi. Good to see you. It rolls, be careful. You got it. It's a roller. Whoa. Hi. Great to see you here. Yeah, this is so cool in times outside. So cool and cold. It's really cold. You're getting ready for the fourth season of "Broad city." Congratulations on that. Thank you very much. Amy Poehler is executive producing the show. You have so many incredible guest stars on the show and you had Hillary Clinton. Yeah. It was pretty insane for us. I don't know, I mean it meant so much to everyone that works on the show and obviously Ilana and I to have someone of that caliber. I know. Completely around but we had such amazing actors but just to have Hillary was another level. What was it like when you got the call. We didn't get the call. We had been kind of trying to get in touch with her -- someone in her campaign, something for awhile. We wrote it way before we shot it. And I guess we did get a call. When we got a call, we got an e-mail, we were just -- it was unbelievable. I mean. We really didn't -- Tell us. So the book, it's called "Carry this book." Basically every spread is a different famous person or famous fictional character's contents of their bag. Imagined by me. Sort of like my own little fan fiction of what they might carry with them. So I'm looking at one board here. This is Hillary Clinton -- what you fantasy size she's carrying in her bag. Yes. Let's have a look at that. Some items. Obviously there might be a lot more things but these are just a couple things. Lady gaga fan club card. Yep. Old school blackberry. Hot sauce. She's just like -- yeah -- One of my hero, Billie Jean king. I I love her glasses. She loves her glasses. Uh-huh. Your character on the show does a lot of sketches so this is a play off your character's -- ? I went to our school so my character abbi is an illustrator as well and everything that she does on the show is stuff I've actually done and doing it on the show is kind of made me want to get back into it so, yeah, for the past like six months I've been working on this and it's been so much fun. Draw what you imagine -- I did it at night after we were writing the show. It was very intense. I lost feeling in my fingers. You gave Santa at Hamptons house -- Yes. And drives a Mercedes. I feel like Santa probably gifts himself a lot of nice things. Who do you have. I have Beyonce. Very funny, Cho Lula, the hot sauce and "The secret." I'm sure that's what it is. I don't know if I got the right hot sauce brand. That's my brand. You did a thing of deodorant ban and said we do use the same brand. Beyonce's bag is basically just me realizing that or fantasizing that we use a lot of the same brands so it's basically -- Maybe you are Beyonce. We had Hillary so now I have Donald Trump. You have Donald Trump right here. Equal time. Equal time always. Donald -- I could probably update it every week with new things. I like the comb. That's very nice. And the huge gloves. How to build walls for dummies. I'm reading the sign. It's a pen. It's a very nice pen. Building walls for dummies. Good read. Yeah, his I could have done a lot more. So do you draw from just what you read about people, what you know, some of them I'm sure you know personally so has anyone said, you know what, I do have those things in my bag. I don't know a lot of these people personally. The only person that help mood he do it was Amy Poehler because I did Leslie and I was like give me some stuff. What do you think she would carry. But, yeah, I did basic research and then used my imagination. Yeah. It's what you do. You do it so well. What she does really well and the way you talk about your mom on Instagram is sweet with pictures like that. Very sweet. Moi mom will love that. I do a littttle pull for her like Carol Burnett. Moms are the best. So are you. Great to meet you. Nations. Thanks so much for having me. Yes. You know what, my daughter goes to art school so I'm glad it comes in handy. There we go. Absolutely. And "Carry this book" is out now.

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{"duration":"9:10","description":"Julie Mudrick is the life of the party at her children's elementary school bus stop -- and does counting on your fingers make you smarter?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43032657","title":"Mom Rocks Bus Stop Costumes","url":"/GMA/video/mom-rocks-bus-stop-costumes-43032657"}