Mom Testers Take on Chop Wizard, Easy Pockets Devices

As Seen on TV products are tested by mothers and their families.
3:00 | 01/11/14

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Transcript for Mom Testers Take on Chop Wizard, Easy Pockets Devices
all right. Well time for one of our most popular features. People love our mom testers that we recruit from america to try out our as seen on tv. They promise to make cooking a breeze but do they really deliver? Abc's becky worley has the results. Reporter: Ah, the elusive family dinner but cooking that can take too much time. Effort, and some tears. Now there's a better way. Reporter: Three three new as seen on tv product, will they improve that. Hi, "good morning america." Reporter: We recruited a new much ba of mom testers to find out. Will they earn a place at the dinning room table or sent away? Rec reed, mia schrader and michelle labruzzo. The chop wizard. It lets you chop your time in half. Reporter: Three got chopping and thought it took practice. You might have to really put some elbow grease it there. Reporter: It proved to be the perfect prep partner. Even the littlest sous chefs got into action. All give the mom approved. Potato express, cook perfect oven baked bow tate tos in just four minutes. Seems easy, huh? All three packed their pouches. Reporter: For michelle and rebecca. The perfect potato took longer than advertised. I don't see the benefit. Reporter: Blue the potato express steamed mia's spuds to perfect perfection. They kay no two potatoes are the same. Cooking result also vary depending on the size of the pota potato. They still give it a thumbs down, two disappointed. One mom approved. Finally, what's better than a nice slice of pie? How about a pocket full? Introducing the easy pocks pie pan for perfect pie servings every time? Each mom took a different approach. I decided to go with breakfast egg pockets. Bananas. Reporter: But for all three they lived up to their names. Looks really good. This is how our finished product came out. Reporter: And the ultimate taste test. Thumbs up from the schrar family. The kids approve it and it's mom approved too. Reporter: The easy pocket proved to be the cherry on toppering our second unanimous mom approved. For "good morning america" becky worley, abc news, san francisco. I'm liking this easy pockets. This is a note to the mayor, right. Another way to cut pizza. We're never going to let it go. Never live it down. I tell you they probably did not

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{"id":21498437,"title":"Mom Testers Take on Chop Wizard, Easy Pockets Devices","duration":"3:00","description":"As Seen on TV products are tested by mothers and their families.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-testers-chop-wizard-easy-pockets-devices-21498437","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}