Mommy Blogger Takes on Target for Clothing-Size Double Standards

Store officials responded to Stephanie Giese, saying they'll "take her feedback into consideration."
3:04 | 10/08/14

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Transcript for Mommy Blogger Takes on Target for Clothing-Size Double Standards
The morning -- this morning, one mommy blogger taking on target. She's not happy with the differences in sizing between girls and boys clothes. And she's calling out the major retailer for having a double standard. Lindsey Davis is over there and has more. Reporter: It's no secret there's a big difference between the way boys and girls clothing is cut. But this blogger is pushing back. And thousands of moms have her back. When she complained about how girls shirts were made with half as much cloth as those for boys. Turns out target was listening. Stephanie Giese is constantly at war with their wardrobes. It's hard to juggle. Reporter: So the Pennsylvania mom turns to stores like target for affordable clothing. But she noticed as her daughters got bigger, target's clothing styles for little girls kept getting smaller. Noticing that things are cut a lot shorter. Reporter: In her now viral open letter to target, Giese asking the company to sell clothes that aren't exposing our daughter's precious assets. One mom writing, shorts are too short. We shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to avoid sexy clothe opinions. I think it's ridiculous. Reporter: To see just how different they were, we went to target and bought the shorts, t-shirts and jeans for pois and girls. The shorts, 3 inches shorter, the jeans, tighter, and the t-shirt, more body-hugging. But some parents say at the end of the day, it's their responsibility to say what they're wearing is decedent. Don't pick a 52 because they are that, get something that fits them. Reporter: Now target it taking the offer seriously. They offered to set up a meeting between me and one of the stiedesigners. And I could give them feedback. Reporter: Target saying we'll take her feedback into consideration and hope our response helped address some of her concerns. Stephanie says she is now in talks, target to get more of what moms and girls want into the stores. Good for target for listen. This is an age-old discussion about oversexualizing girls too early and the role that clothing plays. Didn't she go back? Reporter: Extra small boys shirts and girls shorts, the girls had a 1-inch inseam, the boys had a 7-inch inseam. In order to make it even, to get the 7-inch inseam, go to a girls large compared to a boy's extra small. That explains it, so cut and dry. It does. I'm sure a lot of people at home are like, really? Reporter: You know it. But when you see the actual ruler and take it out. That kind of difference. Thanks for getting into that.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Store officials responded to Stephanie Giese, saying they'll \"take her feedback into consideration.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26041096","title":"Mommy Blogger Takes on Target for Clothing-Size Double Standards","url":"/GMA/video/mommy-blogger-takes-target-clothing-size-double-standards-26041096"}