Mom's Decision to Choose Dream Home Over 3rd Baby Sparks Debate

A mother of two sparks backlash for choosing to purchase a luxury home rather than having a third child.
3:54 | 07/01/15

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Transcript for Mom's Decision to Choose Dream Home Over 3rd Baby Sparks Debate
index" to that mother who says she made a huge sacrifice by choosing to buy a luxury home instead of having a third child and tried to explain it in a blog post and that has sparked a pretty fierce backlash. Rebecca Jarvis has her story. Reporter: Just like a scene straight out of the movie "Knocked up." We're going to have another baby. Reporter: It's a conversation parents around the world can relate to. Whether or not to have another child. But this morning, this stay-at-home mom of two is coming under fire for sharing her story. In an article for elle decor titled "I made a huge sacrifice to buy my dream home" Sarah Scott chooses a fully loaded luxury home instead of having a third child. Certain sacrifices had to be made for this dream to come true for us, the first being that we can only afford to have two children. Scott then writes about she and her husband's change of heart wanting another child after buying that dream home. My uterus literally aches despite the fact that logic suggests we can't afford it right now. Scott writes about additional financial sacrifices that third child would entail, that she'd have to return to teaching and our annual vacation would disappear because we would need to sell the timeshare to make up the difference. The backlash has been fierce with one person commenting, you really have no idea how 99% of this country lives, do you? And another telling her, get over your perfectly scripted life. Having it all is a relative concept to the outside world, this woman appears to have it all but she doesn't feel that way. Acceptance of all types of families is the only way that we'll end the parenting wars. Rebecca joins us now along with Ericka souter our parenting expert. Ericka, here are a couple more. One woman, valley said, no one as shallow as this author should have ever had two children. Two is probably too many. Denise said it's so disguging in so many ways. Boy is it truck a nerve. It has but most parents weigh the pros and con, the problem with this essay it shows the writer is operating in a bubble of wealth. Not acknowledging most people in this country, these aren't even problems. Most people in the world these aren't even problems so it also sets up a new aspect of the mommy world, the overprivileged mom versus the not so privileged mom and it really alienates her. It sure seemed like that. Let's get some baseline financial facts down here. What are the costs of an additional child. Clearly a huge decision, a huge responsibility. It goes well beyond the finances but on the financial side of thing, George, right now if you have a child for those first 18 years of life that child will cost you $245,000. Now, the interesting thing is once you start having additional children, the cost per child goes down once you have two children, the cost per child goes down 25%, when you have three children, the cost per child goes down 22% because you can share. There's hand-me-downs involved. The cost of housing is less, child care and for many families you can buy in bulk so ends up costing a little less. That's just one of many factors to consider, Ericka, such a personal decision but a lot struggle with the emotional back and forth as well. There's some important things to consider. Number one, put your complaints in perspective. If you're trying to decide whether to buy a summer home but your neighbors or friends can't afford their mortgage, you know, hold back on your complaints a little bit. You might also want to try to find people who can relate to your particular struggle. Not everyone in your social circle will be able to. Find those people who won't be annoyed with those complaints and lastly, the most important thing, you're not alone much there are 85 million moms in the United States alone. Someone does share your struggle so never feel you're totally alone in your complaints. Don't necessarily write about it. Don't write about it, right.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"A mother of two sparks backlash for choosing to purchase a luxury home rather than having a third child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32150031","title":"Mom's Decision to Choose Dream Home Over 3rd Baby Sparks Debate","url":"/GMA/video/moms-decision-choose-dream-home-3rd-baby-sparks-32150031"}