One Mom's Heartwarming Birthday Surprise Gone Viral

A boy who told his mom he had no friends to invite to his birthday will get the surprise of a lifetime.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One Mom's Heartwarming Birthday Surprise Gone Viral
We turn now to a heartwarming birthday surprise that's gone viral after a Michigan boy told his mom he didn't want a birthday party because he didn't think he had any friends to invite. She decided to start a Facebook page where people could wish that little guy a happy birthday and you will not believe how many fans having shown him the love. Playing with his gaming device 10-year-old Collin has no idea how he's touched the hearts of thousands worldwide and it's a secret we're helping his mom keep. How was school today? It was horrible. We had to eat unicorns. Reporter: It's a story that started less than two weeks ago when his mom asked if he wanted a party for his 11th birthday on March 9th. The answer she said was gut wrenching. He said, mom, who am I going to invite? I don't have any friends. Reporter: Jennifer telling us he has a disorder similar to asperger's and has a hard time making friends. He has a hard time relating to kids and kis have a hard time relating to him. Reporter: With a heavy heart she created this Facebook page for friends and family to send their well wishes and hope to surprise Collin with it on his big day. I created this page for my amazing, wonderful challenging son. Reporter: But what happened next would shock her to the core. The first day I got 100 likes and I was like, wow, this is amazing and then the next day it was 200 likes. I'm like I can't believe it. Reporter: After one week Collin had 13,000 likes then two days later it hit a whopping 47,000. And now it's over 900,000 likes and counting. Even strangers from around the world sending birthday wishes when other kids pick on you it's not about your problems it's about theirs. Happy birthday Collin, you were born to be awesome. And, "Always remember, you have friends, happy birthday." Careful not to ruin the surprise, we interviewed Jennifer while Collin was in another room. So many people want to reach out and do something for my son. It's amazing. Reporter: His list sister Ella anticipating how he'll react. Scream. He'll scream his pants off. Reporter: One thing is certain. For a boy who thought he had no friends Collin is going to get the birthday surprise of a lifetime and guy, get this when we came on the air this morning at 7:00 A.M., Collin had I think about 800,000 fans. Now that number is all the way up right around, wait for it, 985,000 people. Reaching out to let him know he is not alone. I want to say like 6:00 P.M. Eastern I looked. About 160,000 and that -- now it is -- I mean this is viral. This is the definition of viral. That it is. That it is.

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{"id":22476987,"title":"One Mom's Heartwarming Birthday Surprise Gone Viral","duration":"3:00","description":"A boy who told his mom he had no friends to invite to his birthday will get the surprise of a lifetime. ","url":"/GMA/video/moms-heartwarming-birthday-surprise-viral-22476987","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}