Who Owns the Rights to This Monkey Selfie?

A photographer is battling for rights to a photograph a monkey took with his camera.
2:10 | 08/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Who Owns the Rights to This Monkey Selfie?
but this is some serious monkey business, everybody. A legal dispute over this picture. The guy who owns the camera said he owns the right to the shot even though the monkey took it. But not everyone agrees. ABC's nick watt has the story. Reporter: When a monkey snaps a selfie in a forest who own the copyright? They do not have my permission to use it. Reporter: Photographer David slater is fuming over a smudgy Skype connection from rural England all over this Uber viral Simeon selfie. He's claiming copyright and says maybe there's 150,000 bucks involved in the rights to this 2011 snap seen around the world. Slater says he flew to the remote Indonesian island home of the crested macaques and it's his camera. So I did all the focus on the camera. Reporter: Here's the problem. Wikipedia is displaying that photo claiming the monkey took it. Monkeys can't claim copyright so it's public domain. In the vast world of monkey selfies, this could be a precedent-setting case. Reporter: Wikipedia hasn't responded to our request for comment but under the photo this file is in the public domain because it is the work of a N nonhuman mall. It has no human author in whom copyright is vested. Slater's ready for court. Someone is taking credit for the monkey's work and saying, I own that copyright. That's a tough legal argument to make. Reporter: Similar to that brouhaha over the rights to that famous Ellen Oscar selfie, DeGeneres owns the camera. Cooper snapped the shutter and so did the monkey. Creating this modern-day Mona Lisa that enigmatic smile. For "Good morning America," nick watt, ABC news, Los Angeles. This guy better win this case. Yeah. It's his camera. It's bananas. Did you get it, bananas. Oh, no. That got a laugh and a cheer and I got booed. Yeah, she's cuter than you.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"A photographer is battling for rights to a photograph a monkey took with his camera.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24876576","title":"Who Owns the Rights to This Monkey Selfie?","url":"/GMA/video/monkey-selfie-dispute-owns-rights-photo-monkey-24876576"}