Mother, Daughters get Ambush Makeover on 'GMA Live'

Moxie Salon owners Jamie and Jennifer Dunn gave four women a surprise makeover.
10:21 | 04/24/13

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Transcript for Mother, Daughters get Ambush Makeover on 'GMA Live'
Where's your mom. He can make it 30 she's doing the major donors outdoor would you admit it upstairs -- Oh my god says Tracy on the floor the most ridiculous she's an amazing what -- -- and have a lot of horse shots but added that before shots we can show you we -- these -- an hour and an hour -- -- over yet they are actually -- into the beat -- three and I got an hour -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- Anwar -- which which once -- month. The one on the -- one on -- one that Tracy's not when he that. So that OK so camera if you're looking at your TV right now it's on -- -- -- -- -- end up. In the -- over -- bid for -- twins these women in the box five GB and Jennifer Dunn the owners of the box on a -- money. -- -- -- Yeah. So gorgeous being -- karaoke loving -- it's just down not mean. The deal of power it needs you warning about the -- -- -- immediately we did not nor did -- weren't swinging to get worried about but we're twins. And we knew we have each other's -- -- doubled it's it's double time. And we obviously worried and nervous toward the end but we know we have each other -- and even -- you can't believe we didn't want our. I what our website is imam out. You're ready whenever they really -- Yeah it's winter here -- -- -- here there's one -- always ready boxing act and is just fifteen minutes and did a fifteen minute -- Albert happening upstairs right outside that very very end of the show we're gonna bring her down. Yeah we -- that usually I don't. You -- -- yeah. I want right before -- twins. Before her on his this -- the women that they worked on before. And then -- -- -- ideology can be -- parent -- of Britain's Hamilton and Katy ran out weird humor heart and keeping an and -- keeping Angela -- Tina Angelo last again. All right so here we got absolutely yeah. Motor -- really happening -- is that credit has really. -- Wednesday night. I don't think the I think I think it's Cadillac unfair to the call about made all over because do you it. It makes people feel like they weren't attractive before that another rate -- yeah. Okay. Yeah yeah. This is Angelo ripping his Angela Hamilton's from her former New York reasonable. Turning -- downturn on the right. Okay we're trying desperately trying in the technical rush but -- looked gorgeous. Purple and. How much a look at you'd lucky you OK now we -- -- well. -- -- -- -- -- But here. My -- Only god. I love this. Guys you never uttered a rationally right she was a lot of pain and Linda she should finish in the -- -- -- -- -- eyebrows right human heart attack and -- he's the wedding and he's even. I don't know already. You look -- -- the only. Or words -- celebrity grade. Coming into his car and you want to say you do -- You look look ready I want to say that I think you were beautiful people more yes but I think in -- days in our busy days and times we don't have time -- -- -- -- to look. This may be our best look -- you guys get a chance to figure out what the best look is for somebody who may not have been. Things -- and did you know. I'm glad he had an hour to treat yourself and and that happens it'll take care you and let's grave -- that is great -- Albanian -- That's terrific job and so. I know -- overcome -- What what was it like it was painful. Good from nineteen ash we'll do it that's when -- really -- that you -- Thanks to yet I don't really mean no offense we have our work cut out for us she's never dating -- car so everything's on -- -- -- -- does make up eyelashes. They don't in an hour we -- color highlights and teens -- -- -- we took her hair and actually lifts me. If it admittedly say everyone should look like the lottery and she has never had anyone Karen offered -- -- So now she's a list celebrity -- you know. They look great. Okay that's great so they haven't seen themselves so this is gonna be -- this so that our next our next person is next designating. Hey hey come on. Get yourself right now I haven't seen yourself okay reading and over here -- that what you. Funeral that was -- -- -- before. -- and on the right and here is you now. Well. Actually that's what you think I -- yeah I'd. Never -- and looks great. I'm moxie to -- what was the inspiration what was the -- she -- she darting actually given a closer features in the hikes imposed on those big -- -- actually he just doesn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And no -- turquoise and coral -- -- in for the spring and Jesus Cincinnati going. That was so you would not have picked any of the colors or any of the stuff are you. Now I usually do like a ray of light foundation and and some -- cover problem plagued clear left a lot of -- spectacular when he. Yeah yeah yeah hair and everything you look is so beautiful it's something that you watching them do it that you could do every day -- -- wind up planting them. -- -- -- Let's see let's see the picture again -- is now here comes here comes mom. This is going to be bonds and your mom's the one on the left -- Kate and authorities are here comes Angela behind him yet this -- are prepared to turn around you got turnaround actually -- -- -- around I'm getting it. W from -- -- and I have a balanced and Georgia -- He said. So come on out. -- -- Everybody's in the dark gray nobody's seen anybody right now this is great so before -- see the before please pull up the fumble for a TV. So there course that you are you might recognize yourself. Now take a look at yourself. New cars. -- -- -- -- Still you -- do you wanna do you begin to see mom mom and wife. -- -- day yelled at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- so it's a pretty -- -- point here you can -- -- what do you think -- it makes good. Dad what do you think. -- -- this is she beautiful so yeah I see it again -- beautiful for your beautiful was elected in about them. So Nate candidate did you learn do you think he'll he'll try and recreate the moxie to what looks to me good advice Colombia has what I -- -- of a lot of -- I'm. Not going to -- down you can do it -- -- I think another look she doesn't know her potential. So in these it was his killer eyes. She is nice lips she she's -- -- -- the tens of her nice hair that is your hair the color right -- -- -- will only be -- on the beach I thought about her and a backup. It's great so we just giving everybody look good if you haven't we want everyone could be -- matter who you are written at around this time though we just you know work cavities -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and certainly have -- now and so you know why hasn't there were glad to say yeah everybody was among the -- you know we treat and I did not I'm glad that we can -- this thanks a lot to enjoy it I'm so glad you love that I I. I really really. Enjoy economies are. That could take that I was not -- of the day -- -- issues. -- dogs. We have one more I'm told that this is fifteen -- that we done at a united fifteen minute makeovers one where are you this is dangerous don't try this at home don't know mark. So we -- I love -- coming to you haven't seen yourself others that's what I'm told as well we have until we see you -- -- the end of the. -- -- We don't -- -- for a get well shot coming -- of -- Jack so let's take a sitting here ego you can take what did you see yourself. T fifteen minutes flat output -- very impressed what do we do here -- So basically this is just a fast -- -- looking good but in the heart. We didn't all we -- was -- -- quick. Not the last yourself in the spring -- -- get a nice mom lives lost some -- and -- reported earnings in turn out so I told you eat a lot of sitting aloft. He -- his -- -- some banks and the pathetic and I can't her hair extensions are we you really did you think and they suddenly she's running out the door they didn't hear a lot easier to do to basically do anything she wanted to -- I gotta get me some of those yeah -- -- Finland. Hotly you look great like yeah I didn't I love the idea very smoky kind of cat -- can't really go ahead. It's awesome I didn't feel okay. I've ever -- by the way so we had its results and our makeovers we saw fifteen minute makeovers we do you have somebody right now what it's a very special it's going to be. 48. Hour make over and boy does he needed take a look. This is our next. I don't get it back on the program it -- I only get over it and know that -- make you just suspended yeah. An indefinite suspension period ends and then there you argue with removing now are gonna have an -- make -- he was forced labor hours yeah we. To apply the finishing touches. Everybody Iraq. -- -- -- Thank you and Laurie thank you all very much.

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{"id":19030749,"title":"Mother, Daughters get Ambush Makeover on 'GMA Live'","duration":"10:21","description":"Moxie Salon owners Jamie and Jennifer Dunn gave four women a surprise makeover.","url":"/GMA/video/mother-daughters-ambush-makeover-gma-live-19030749","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}