'Murdered' Wisdom Teeth Devastate Woman

Abbie Kritz explains her post-dental surgery YouTube video on "GMA LIVE!"
2:58 | 03/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Murdered' Wisdom Teeth Devastate Woman
-- from a young age obviously care for the choppers. But there's one teen who seems to have a very very special relationship with her. With her -- -- does that have occurred recently comes at a -- recently got a wisdom teeth taken out and she was. A little emotional about it after her parents turned but the camera on her. Insurance and I know -- -- -- on -- that don't do that Bigelow of Bigelow. Yeah. On land is right here I love you got no crying. Sentences that are dealing you people who did this not only. -- -- -- -- -- Com -- out of cell unfair parents because you know that I don't -- they still do but back in my did he put you completely Karen. My parents terrible it's malignant. No I don't do that I don't -- in the PM on someone whose favorite just I don't know if you just -- no commitment. I'd be back here out there are fully recover now. -- you have been found under. Out of all of us here Good Morning America live. We want to. We want to wish condolences to you didn't -- that was tapped out this and how did. How one pair of that is for them to turn the cameras on you when you are not yourself. I mean I'm asking you work it. I think so many -- you idiots like that I was. -- he did so you see US army school do you remember that all do you have any -- have. I -- not. Were you surprised by -- deep emotional connection dealer's -- yeah. Yeah -- -- There's a lot of things and it's really did the David David after dentist is one of the great -- the original all time viral videos arguably. Video the single video that put -- on the map out was David out that -- I would say Allen avenue you have raised the bar. I learned to cope -- Shapiro. Ultimately yet ten days -- rely on you that's a really really -- -- doing the filming was you share. Platt who was doing the filming. My boyfriend -- OK was -- with -- it was he just was he laughing hysterically throughout it all. Yet -- -- not -- not. But it's amazing all right Abbie thank you so much -- -- gamer to get up and join us today and best of luck to you and your team. Ironic that she asked right back that changes everything was allied to great -- how that we counselors with. Actually that was driven -- like up.

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{"id":18839927,"title":"'Murdered' Wisdom Teeth Devastate Woman","duration":"2:58","description":"Abbie Kritz explains her post-dental surgery YouTube video on \"GMA LIVE!\"","url":"/GMA/video/murdered-wisdom-teeth-woman-asked-taped-18839927","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}