First Look at the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City

"GMA" got a sneak peek at the brand new pop-up museum celebrating everyone favorite treat.
21:15 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for First Look at the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City
Hey good afternoon I'm looking at the Good Morning America I want to welcome all of you on our Live stream and all of you uttered CME FaceBook likes me. To them. I screens. Here in New York City the earth and Maldonado from that the topics and you guys are in the middle of world order and took a break. I'll sing for us this morning Good Morning America and Anthony ice cream at visit the museum but it's not a bad day. That's inevitably spend an exit environment so here's the middle of its word you guys pumped back to America in an ox. It's a beautiful summer day here in New York City desperately anything. Nice things up debris and these are up 60 founder of. I want to ask Burris. Outdated. Seeing a nice. Concepts. Now. The creator of the museum's. Let him males there is like all of us passionate about ice cream. And honestly it was just that organic last summer. More on ice cream festivals like either of us there somewhere Wheaton got it looked at us. Passion and again so I think there's obviously we've stations running. Stories are tightening and we just did my evening she started talking. And that's where it actually just started. Another job creators and business and it lead at some point decided it in an open his eyes and quantity across street in the CN that we are directly across streets and easy and actually see into the museum heist in. And the that it did not exist any it again that it is what is it. It. All but let's let's got excited now talked about it we're actually. But at the very first equal rights advocate. He's him so. And that's debilitating. Three. This is a sneak peak just for you guys on ABC news that and it is. Prepared to Maldonado it is not accept that let's take that. It was done. I. I. And I hand it's it's it and well. Yeah likable. Mike could only enable local interviews and electable not it was terrible likable believable. Yeah. And death. Not a case don't me. On Saturday. The year ahead but now we. We've grown museum you are seeing over thirty artists. Worst moment. That we aren't aren't. Actually specializes work. Most correct sir I think he. And you artist or your city of them on other countries and made our rights just because they're out. Only we. But we're. And then also Matthew. C radio. And you know that cafeteria. That story looks like I think and but this first piece that's the first one easy when you company. You know but yes. And I fun. The aids. After we get us. We come and we are but there things. Strawberry. Disorder K yeah. It was a little words it was not yeah. I. The Asian money. This is this is the that we station for our opening week we have. Marble and I think we've got lots for mark. An aide. Walt. Experience. Yeah. Your right. Did not pay you saying tired. Today a couple of songs you this thing. But the businesses to scoop up the heat and add that if it's Belize city State's open. Yeah yeah. He's still a long road. Apple is we have. A bunch of Life Partners. Hillary thirty years. My. They really haven't. Over. Two years. Little bit every little. Cellmark's. So to give me I I'm. I think. Yeah. Logan the yeah. It is not. We'll look on the line. That cone room. That is only a little bit about what what you're cool that you can't race car accident. Sugar. Over the last night. Ian good news. A limited. I feel like Charlie. And it's no you're just. I undermine. Oh. Yes oh yeah. I am well yeah. And paying. Old man. Well yeah yeah. But finally. Thank her. I won't. Yeah. Okay. I mean I'm a good guys. But tonight. Tommy. Fit well that children and company. So far. So right here you know that. We. And or do. Coming through this. School or radio who largest school. And they. Like a native thing. While doing my birthday but doesn't view it just jumping onto it but once he got another year that. Museum of I think in the city your records of all. About the Grammy Award went up that is it's. What happens here today it's forty. Howard here in the I think it in the east end game he Ian direct contribution. Contribution. Bolivia. Yeah. It's. Oh. Thank. You. Is open apple. Let you guys. Few. Thought I had. Overhaul in the nation but one evil party and a. It's getting eight. Look where entry into the team there are. You've had experience fact that you're getting an abbreviated tour you're gonna learn. I everything around him. History of the common view it as science of things. About going home. You know I want I want I wish you guys to be here it's it's nothing but what we're looking got me going a little dark. I don't. And plus there's something really cool around the corner. You are. There Michael thought this thing. Rio. President night. Like one very. Harry. It's not real sprinkles reds are not edible sprinkles but. They're colorful and this is Jessica. Anybody become as accepted any activity and. Old. After the. You don't like. You got review. We'll be leaving a little trail them. Let he. In. It is Korea trying. Me for comfort her it. Well think again at the university because I know there's going to be a lot of books that are excited about it. For now though and it's not you Berlin housing Nolan is going also so won't. And that Hastert ice cream shop so we're really root yep that's me the winning experience as so we have here are some. Magic. Are actually. Anti. You and the result when your tax if you take what it is again it's all went. Here they. I hang up their room. What happens of this. The way you experience taste. That hasn't been usual dropping let it. Landings and something is missing out. Now. Takes a little. The visible only golf. And it it's. The I saw. Can't. I would make I would imagine you heard that this credit witness that we happen. But that. You there live now. We re imagining all the different experiences. You or I'll let me so you're not even from short you came here specifically for this museum grants. Think about. It's from every different respect. Yeah very multi disciplinary team inside apiece in biomedical engineering ideas designers architects. You better it's elaborate. Artists. Really good. Create. There's even just by looking at and looked CD this look radical. Back I'm not totally dissolved the ticket but it was. It we almost there. We'll take it. The it gets yet. My problem here are very good. What a ninety day. So that's a 100% right. Silence and. It bluntly these items like. And if you think that everything that sits yeah exactly as it turns our system. That is so cool you guys I had this is the best assignment I've never been on let me decided not. I believe me. We're going. Pretty. Yeah ice cream teams are you. The museum. GM. Okay. It's all. I bought land in of that coming up. Every name we have got a couple Natick. Finger. Lever. Which is which is something that we wanted to build and we like bill. Through our print editor we also in the Sunday room. President fox are going to introduce you got to new animated character. We're keeping secret now. Life. Best job that very or seen it. And my pictures aren't wearing some of the actually 950. Collaborator Wally. And I mean I think iPhone cases that they've were designed with very hands designer. And then also these hands. Customs holds. I actually. You can't. We wore her her life. And then you end the flavor we get to enjoy your eyes and. People. It's off. Yeah. They release is opening the public. While right now. One. Why it. It's clear. Almost. For me. Paul Murphy beauty. Finally I think he. New York. Still. For those folks yeah. It's Leon or. I literally and three. We're up her pace and weird again. Police statements. In not. For me. In the. I I had several friends actually. Nothing you can do get sold out this little very. Simple little. Definitely something. Positive check on her side also and it's aground and they've worth and now we'll let you know ticket. I look courtesy I have to ask you here operate from in the past. You know about history here inner city. Do you the Braves. What's your everything we did hear today. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I'm also excited about diversity and evening to you there but we. There are so many and easy. Local country. Yeah blacktop street nexus he articles. On And must be. Three. Important. Like school plays politics instantly. What we know today there. All all. There are incredibly tasty they're. I like. I can't help feeling feeling okay. Enough. Sap senior. So provokes two. He's come here and it's all you everybody likes ice cream you only to come here museum place could not as all the. They're happy and content. Yeah yeah. In your area that we're the best and I. Governor signed off acquired life. Well good. Our folks we hope to see you guys here again. Iced me. It's opening this Friday July 31. From eleven to three. Its birth numbers that are her act on it early I'm early but I guarantee lines. Around the block but that's what the rock today so that's this Friday July 31 through August. 3 earth. You know when it's. Hard to humanize it more peace and look and get America. For so that you guys. Excuse.

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{"duration":"21:15","description":"\"GMA\" got a sneak peek at the brand new pop-up museum celebrating everyone favorite treat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40965272","title":"First Look at the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City","url":"/GMA/video/museum-ice-cream-york-city-40965272"}