Cher's Mothers' Day Gift: A Documentary About Mom

Famed singer, actress on her documentary devoted to the woman who made her an icon.
5:28 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Cher's Mothers' Day Gift: A Documentary About Mom
Cher, entertaining fans for decades now, singer, actress, fashion icon, but it has been a very long time since she's released a new album. A decade to be exact. The wait is almost over set to release one in the fall and crafted what may be the best mother's day gift. A documentary devoted to her own mom and, cynthia, you sat down with her and bring us the story. They're had a top ten hit in every one of the last five decades and she is still rocking it hard, a force of nature at 66 years old and her 86-year-old mother georgia holt married eight times to six different men. Cher says there was never a man in her house growing up. Take a look. ♪ If I could turn back time ♪ Reporter: For five decades she has sizzled. ♪ Do you believe in love after love ♪ Reporter: And survived. Despite the odds. Where does it come from? ♪ I'll always love you ♪ Reporter: Well, she just might be her mother's daughter. ♪ You are my tromorrow and I'm your yes tyesterday ♪ Reporter: She's sizzling in her own right. ♪ I'm moving on. Reporter: Now cher has created a documentary in her honor. "Dear mom, love cher" documenting life growing up along with her younger sister. Tell me the truth you like one of them better, don't you? They're each different. This one is real -- uh-oh. What, mom? Strong. As opposed to me? No. Mom. Were you a good mother? Considering that I got them raised and they both are gorgeous and they both have tremendous character. You were not a conventional mother in many ways. No. I wasn't. Married eight times to six different men. The third was john -- and then -- I'm trying to remember. Reporter: Georgia doesn't remember the order. My father insisted you could not go to bed with a man unless you were married. Reporter: She took the advice to heart but the marriages often didn't last long and georgia and the girls were poor. Sometimes dirt poor. We had really hard times then she'd marry someone rich and go from like that to a mansion in beverly hills. You were ravishingly beautiful. Thank you. Did you enjoy it? No. She didn't even know it. I didn't know it. Reporter: She came to hollywood with dreams of being a singer but wound up on the fringes scoring small parts on big shows. Here comes another one. Oh. Reporter: So when some old songs georgia recorded over 30 years ago turned up in a garage -- ♪ you're going to watch your momma but your momma says keep moving on. Reporter: Cher decided to give her a gift by remastering them and re-releasing them. Georgia's life dream finally coming true. ♪ I almost -- your voices are so similar. They're not the same voice but when we're doing the harmonies together it's like the everly brothers, you really can't tell. Reporter: So when she was starting out and you heard her singing, what did you think? I realized that she was going to be a huge star. ♪ Reporter: Did you feel a little pang of it was your dre dream? No, I'm thrilled she did what I wanted to do. I don't think I was equipped strengthwise to do it. Reporter: Because you've seen up close, it ain't just about going out and singing. No, it's not. Reporter: To put up with the criticism. You have no idea how crushed I get. It's not like I don't want to come back but I'm crushed and crushed and crushed and still come back. Reporter: You thought you've always been an outsider. Yep. Reporter: Do you still feel that way. With the academy award. With every accomplishment. I just fall into this strange subgroup of my own. ♪ A woman's world ♪ Reporter: Talk for a second about the new album. What's it about? It's about being fabulous. Okay. I'll accept that. Truthfulfully I'm not a huge cher fan and said this a million times but this is probably the best album I've ever done. We talked a lot about you being a daughter. I want to ask about being a mother. It's been reported that you and chaz are taking a, quote, break from one another. Is that true? No. I usually hear the reports but i haven't heard that. Where would you say the two of you are these days. I think great. I'm sure you've learned many thgs from your mother. Tell us. If it doesn't matter in five years it doesn't matter. And if you c can make sure you don't go to jail, steal something. I ask your time every time i interview her if there's anything good about getting older and she always says -- no. As long as I stay healthy, i think it's great. As long -- oh, . No, really, babe. Honestly. Reporter: Mother and daughter still. ♪ Some things never change ♪ georgia's cd is out now. They're comes out in september and tells me, lara, she's undecided about touring, but do yourself a favor and watch this documentary. It is totally charming.

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{"id":19100210,"title":"Cher's Mothers' Day Gift: A Documentary About Mom","duration":"5:28","description":"Famed singer, actress on her documentary devoted to the woman who made her an icon.","url":"/GMA/video/music-legend-cher-speaks-mom-side-19100210","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}