NASCAR Fans Injured When Camera Cable Snapped

A camera cable injured ten and stopped the Coca-Cola 600 race.
2:06 | 05/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASCAR Fans Injured When Camera Cable Snapped
It was a crash-filled race in nascar's coca-cola 600. It was a bizarre twist that turned dangerous for fans. Ten were injured when a tv cable snapped, stopping the race altogether. A lot of people asking how did this happen? John muller is here with details. The last of the injured are out of the hospital and recovering this morning. The investigation continues. This year's soak cococa-cola 600 will go down in history where the cable snapped, causing injures, damaging cars and causing delays. Look at this video. Watch as the rope holding this camera failed, falling from the air during the middle of the race, dangling over the track before getting caught in the wheels of a racing car and pulled on to the track of north carolina's charlotte motor speedway. Drivers swerving to avoid impact. The cable hitting ten spectato look again from a different camera angle. The nylon rope, which moves across the track, filming the race from a bird's-eye view, falls from the grandstand. Then, the rope gets stuck rnd several cars and violently whips across the track. It got wound around the rear. I heard a thunk on the right front tire. Reporter: Theera itself, which is supported by three separate ropes never falls. But the race was delayed for 27 minutes. The cause of the accident has yet to be tedetermined. Fox sports released a statement. We certainly regret that the system failure affected tonight's events. We apologize to the racers whose cars were damaged. And our immediate concern is for the race fans. This camera system has been successfully used in the past, even at this year's daytona 500. Nascar's vice president tweeted that his thoughts and prayers are with the fans. And nascar will work with fox on the investigation on what went wrong with the camera system. Minor injurieses. They had to be painful. Oh, yes. Thanks, john. Now, to the new trouble for

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{"id":19263422,"title":"NASCAR Fans Injured When Camera Cable Snapped","duration":"2:06","description":"A camera cable injured ten and stopped the Coca-Cola 600 race.","url":"/GMA/video/nascar-fans-injured-coca-cola-600-camera-cable-19263422","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}