'Nasty Gal' Fashion Company, CEO Become Big Hit on Social Media

Sophia Amoruso has amassed more than 2 million followers on the Internet.
3:50 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Nasty Gal' Fashion Company, CEO Become Big Hit on Social Media
In just eight years, a savvy shopper with a sharp eye went from selling clothes on Ebay to running a multimillion-dollar company. Now, Maxie gal and its founder Sofia amarosa, have amassed millions. I'm founder and CEO of nasty gal. Reporter: In 2006, Sofia smaroso was a college dropout. Before I ran a fashion company, I was a shoplifter, a hitchhiker and a dumpster diver. Reporter: Then, she started selling clothes on Ebay. And today, the founder of nasty gal, what may be the fastest growing retail company. With an obsessive fan base, more than 1 million followers on Facebook and instagram, the site is redefining retail. Touted and praised by fashion mags and editors, she's now sharing her secrets with the world. I'm excited to tell you about my new book, "Girl boss." In stores today. Guess who is here with us, in social square. We have the procedure herself and girl boss, Sofia Amoruso. I have to ask you about the name, nasty gal. It's offputting. But it describes what? It's a fashion destination. We're an online store. But we're a brand. It's a style and a way of life. And that way of life, I lay out a little bit in my book. You went from dumpster diving, to shoplifting, to an extremely successful CEO. How did you make that happen? I tried to smash capitalism as a teenager and thought I could work. And living for free doesn't really mean living free. And I learned a lot along the way. I'm happy I did everything I did. And you know. Who are you trying to reach. Who is buying nasty gal clothes? Our customers are supersavvy. And they're super cute, by the way. We have great customers. She loves fashion. But it's about personal style, as well. She is enter interior design and travel and food. And ultimately wants to have an awesome life. We asked for tips for our viewers. You say, don't act like you've arrived when you're just receiving the invitation. Okay. You get your first paycheck. It doesn't mean go out buy out the bar. And that goes to the next one. You say money looks better in the bank than on your feet. That's hilarious. Don't buy the designer shoes right away. I'm not telling people to run around barefoot. And I hope at nasty gal they can find shoes they can I afford. But I think saving is really important. I want to make sure we get to social questions. Your fans want to hear from you. Pull that lever for us. There you go. See? And a question pops up. This one is from Marla, I believe. Lisa Winn. What do you do when you feel like everyone you want to network with ideas or have as a mentor is famous or too important for you? You can learn so much online. I learned so much on Google. Just watching youtube videos and Reading articles. Those people are usually sharing something. I wish I could hire every person on my instagram asking for a job. But the best thing I can do is give them the book. Sofia, give me a high-five. Guy fieri is firing things up at the grill all morning long. Essage

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{"id":23603991,"title":"'Nasty Gal' Fashion Company, CEO Become Big Hit on Social Media","duration":"3:50","description":"Sophia Amoruso has amassed more than 2 million followers on the Internet.","url":"/GMA/video/nasty-gal-fashion-company-ceo-big-hit-social-23603991","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}