NBA Legend Jalen Rose Describes His Remarkable Life Story

The basketball star talks about his new book, "Got to Give the People What They Want."
3:36 | 10/07/15

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Transcript for NBA Legend Jalen Rose Describes His Remarkable Life Story
? So former NBA star Jalen rose joining us now in social square just written a grit book called "Got to give the people what they want" chronicling his remarkable life story growing up in inner city Detroit. 13 years in the NBA and we cannot for get being part of the fab five at the university of Michigan. Now his life as an analyst at ESPN a know what type of cloud that is. It looks like to me a contrail so it's condensation behind a plane or rocket and looks like it got blown which the bends. Cirrus clouds also up this there. There's a couple different things going on. We thank you for your question, and, parent, send us your kid's weather video questions using the Love little Colton. All right. Robin. All right, ginger. Coming up,meror NBA star Jalen rose here live. Going that talk to Lara. Come on back. Car, it's totally overpacked, don't know where you're going and hear four freshmen screaming your name and there they were. Your brothers. Absolutely with the component INT interspeaker in the back with the seat laid down. Of course. Yeah. Definitely. Looking out the window like why are you late. Second, I was lost. I had to go to a pay phone and call an assistant coach to find my way on campus. No cell phones then. I remember well. Right after that it took us maybe an hour before you knew it. We were behind the dorm actually playing outdoors. Yeah, and then first day of practice, I love it. You say to the upperclassmen we're not going to mix it up. Let's do freshmen do all the upperclassmen and beat them five games in a row and had to create a little bit of animosity. It does create animosity because normally you're a freshman and you're supposed to shut up and wait your turn but it was our opportunity to make a statement. The team prior, the prior year they didn't make the ncaa tournament so we were like, we can beat these guys and we want to be the starting five and that was the springboard. Yeah and making a statement is something that you're comfortable doing. You are known for your trash talking and you're very clear bit. It's just part of the game. It actually is but you got to be ready for what the other guy may do. And you got to also produce like growing up in Detroit trash talking works both ways. Yeah. Because the guy that's not going to go on to be an NBA basketball player might go to the back of the truck of his car and have something to say about what you were talking about on the court so you got to be careful. Let me ask why did you decide now, Jalen, to write the book. Because I'm at a different point in my life and the basketball era, being an all-american in high school, being a member of the fab five, playing in the NBA, now I'm in the full-fledged entertainment business. I'm the next Michael Strahan. Yes, you are. You're the man, Jalen. Ah. Oh. I love you. Ki dunk on you. Yes. Alley-oop. Oh. Everybody, the name of the book is "Got to give the people what they want." He does. And he does. Thank you. Love, love having you here. We're going to do some --

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"The basketball star talks about his new book, \"Got to Give the People What They Want.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34307920","title":" NBA Legend Jalen Rose Describes His Remarkable Life Story","url":"/GMA/video/nba-legend-jalen-rose-describes-remarkable-life-story-34307920"}