Neil Patrick Harris Like You've Never Seen Him Before

The actor discusses his leading role in Broadway's "Hedwig and the Angry Inch.'
6:18 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Neil Patrick Harris Like You've Never Seen Him Before
Neil Patrick Harris, busiest man in showbiz right now, with two movies in the work. Seven performs a week coming up. Playing in the cult musical "Hedwig and the angry inch." Lara came back, ranting and rooifing for for people who are not familiar with it, tell them about it. It's essentially a one-person show. A woman who has had a botched sex change operation to get out of communist east Berlin when the wall was still up. And her explanation of how it came to be. It's poignant and intense but it's also kind of funny. And I never leave the stage. I'm playing a woman. And it's a lot. You never leave the stage. Yeah. Seven shows a week. No intermission. And no understudy. No understudy. Why did you decide to go that way? I don't know. My face is on the poster. I felt like you need to just do it. And Hedwig is rough around the edges, by design. She believes she's more famous than she is and should be regarded so and such. If my voice is bad or my physicality is not great that night, I have to work that into the show. As opposed to being polished and clean and tight all the time. You saw it on Broadway? I saw it with James Cameron Mitchell. And was amazed at the transformation that he did. Never thought this many years later, I would be stepping into it. It's been a wild ride. We're in previews. It's like punk rock singing almost. And the music by Steven Trask, who is fantastic. There's a lot of vocal stuff. I'm dancing around on heels. And listening to audiences to see when they're getting to react. And getting to interact with them, it's micromanagering on multilevels. I'm sure they expect it now. I follow you on Twitter. Yeah. And the fishnet stockings. Took a little poll. They're not cute on your feet. Put the socks on first. And the fishnets second. I'm bruised up all over the place. You see the sacrifices we make? The show airs in a masochistic moment I'm falling over the stamg and hitting things. I have to calm it down a little bit. I'm still trying to find out where it should fit. And so, those two extremes sometimes. That's why you go to see Broadway shows. Spontaneous things happen. We know you from TV, films. You have two, major projects that couldn't be anymore different. Yeah. Seth Macfarlane has me in guy of the west. I get a strange mustache. And I play his nemesis in this show. And I was a big fan of the script. It's superfunny. And I'm in "Don girl." "How I met your mother," and these two movies, it's been nice. In an upcoming issue of "Vanity fair." Have they seen you with the snake? They're watching right now. You know, Annie leibovitz is just remarkable. I'm a big fan of her style of photograp photography. She as a story. I felt comfortable with her. I was simultaneously dancing around a lot in preparation for the show. I felt pretty comfortable in my physicality. So, we were chatting through my mom in L.A., which is classic. We did that thing. And it turned out well. I love snakes. It works out really well. We're having a snake down your parents. That was weird. That was a weird feeling. It was not a comfortable feeling. To have the tail end of a snake wrapped around your stuff. I could go there. But you know, it's a morning television show. I'll keep on moving. You and the kids, and David, in New York. How are you enjoying the adjustment to New York life? We were so excited for this chapter to begin. The kids starting in preschool soon. We're renovating a place, a brownstone that we bought. We're looking forward to living in. We're just now getting our roots in and the kids love it. The parks are amazing. Just, you know, a carousel will be on the water in Brooklyn. You just to get go there and experience it. I love the elements of just living the life here. I'm glad it's starting to be spring. The weather blows sometimes. We're going to check in with ginger about that. Ginger, help us out. Neil, continued success. You're going to see my face in the place. You can see Neil Patrick Harris in "Hedwig and the angry inch," through August, in New York City. Okay. I think both of our partners might have a problem with that.

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{"id":23359345,"title":"Neil Patrick Harris Like You've Never Seen Him Before","duration":"6:18","description":"The actor discusses his leading role in Broadway's \"Hedwig and the Angry Inch.'","url":"/GMA/video/neil-patrick-harris-actor-discusses-role-hedwig-angry-23359345","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}