Newly Engaged Couple Photobombed in Proposal Picture

Lara Spencer, Amy Robach and Bill Weir discuss a hilarious engagement photo.
3:27 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Newly Engaged Couple Photobombed in Proposal Picture
We want -- to give you a little more love this is this is a proposal that we -- was so fantastic it's a photo bombed. DC a woman behind me there's a gentleman proposing. A woman behind his catching the moment and -- absolutely lot of -- shocked that this is. I think. This is in Disneyland it's crisp and Christopher Humana ads and Christina Silva they were running. -- -- -- -- -- fantastic moment. You're running in a five K. I love you like a little slack. -- didn't arrogant nickname and -- caffeine in fact we have Christopher. And Christina and joining us via Skype from their home in Santa Barbara California hello -- Okay. Christina how surprised -- you with that just out of live -- or did you know he was about to propose. I think casinos -- thinking there I I yeah. They have her on the Internet we just can't hear Tracy can we can you guys here. We could hear you but I think you said it was a surprise us I was reading your lips here -- -- OK I'm Harriet yeah. So -- since we couldn't really hear what you said Christopher you're running a five -- you dropped your knee and what are the magic words. -- the moment I have a question to ask you will you marry me. I'm Christine -- how out of the blue losing what I mean not what do you how do you I don't even know -- India except -- a great idea. Full -- -- and Christopher I'm I'm I'm I'm always and you know sort of fascinated by guys get creative. With the engagement. We did you have you -- any point think I'm gonna do this on mr. -- wild rider I'm gonna do this in front of the -- -- castle. What it was it about that moment that we just possessed then to do -- -- had you thought -- game this out. Act these repeat about it me about a -- -- 400 actual event and I'd get my want to see something special something million members and something that would be captors. Or anything like this. -- and I ask you how you did captured did you have -- committee -- -- for running alongside of you how did you get it all on tape. We actually had our sons running behind us videotaping it. Yeah and you just -- Christina that he was videotaping you while completing this rotten -- -- Yes and I can't tell you come -- to get across that finish said he can't say Andrews Lauren ten don't worry that you have an honest commentary has studied does not about the actual wedding planning any plans. Yeah. Wouldn't. A winter wedding but -- But winter in Santa Barbara California yeah I like your style it -- -- audience. Similar creative enough to -- guys congratulations thank you for sharing your story with us. Congratulating him for years the student is a good omen when Captain Hook comes over and greets you with a black eye yeah they've got -- play out right yeah.

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{"id":18302218,"title":"Newly Engaged Couple Photobombed in Proposal Picture","duration":"3:27","description":"Lara Spencer, Amy Robach and Bill Weir discuss a hilarious engagement photo.","url":"/GMA/video/newly-engaged-couple-photobombed-proposal-picture-18302218","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}