Newlywed Claims Husband's Death Was Accidental

Woman accused of pushing husband to his death says it wasn't intentional.
3:00 | 11/16/13

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Transcript for Newlywed Claims Husband's Death Was Accidental
First, the newlywed accused of killing her husband, after being married eight days. She claims pushing him off a cliff was a terrible accident. She told her story to the judge, trying to get him to dismiss the charges. Linzie janis has the latest developments. Reporter:22-year-old jordan graham looks composed as she entered a montana courthouse to ask a judge to throw out charges that she murdered her husband, cody johnson, just eight days after their wedding. In court documents, graham says she was trying to brush away her 25-year-old husband's arm, not push him off a cliff, as she's been accused of doing on the couple's honeymoon in glacier national park. Reporter: In court friday, graham said the fbi agent who first questioned her, put his hand on her knee and made her feel uncomfortable. He was showing respect to a distraught graham when he touched her leg during the interview. Graham's attorney also argued that agents distorted her words in a taped confession. Only recording the second half of the conversation. We've now heard the heart of the defense. Which is I never said that. That's not the way that it happened. But that's an argument to make in front of a jury. Reporter: Also in court, federal prosecutors told the judge they believe a piece of cloth found near johnson's body, may have been used to blindfold him. As far as we know, no one is actually alleging yet that he was wearing a blindfold. When he went over that cliff. Reporter: Calling the theory speculative, the judge says he doesn't plan to further delay the december 9th trial while investigators conduct more dna testing on the cloth. A judge denied graham's motion to drop the charges. She is accused of first-degree murder and second-degree murder. Dan abrams summed it up like this. He said authorities have her confession that she pushed him off. They know that there were problems in the marriage. The big question is, what exactly did she confess to? That's what she's arguing about now. The bottom line is, this trial is going forward. It's going forward. Thank you. A lot of other news

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{"id":20910828,"title":"Newlywed Claims Husband's Death Was Accidental","duration":"3:00","description":"Woman accused of pushing husband to his death says it wasn't intentional.","url":"/GMA/video/newlywed-claims-husbands-death-accidental-20910828","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}