Newlyweds Photographed During Tornado

The pictures by photographer Colleen Niska have earned over 17,000 "likes."
1:36 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Newlyweds Photographed During Tornado
us in a little bit. But the latest from the social square, and one couple's, well, yes, out of this world wedding pictures. Who else, bennete gio Benitez is here. This is the ultimate photo bomb. A professional photographer snapping these, a Canadian couple embracing there. And check that out, it is a tornado seen there tearing through the skies. And she posted them on Facebook, and people can't stop sharing them. More than 13,000 shares so far, and over 17,000 likes and counting. And writing, she's pretty sure this will only happen once in her lifetime. No kidding, right. Lots of people comparing the photos to the Oregon couple who posed with a wildfire raging behind them just last month. Making headlines around the world. After they said I do, the bride and groom in the latest photo, and their guests, headed to their backup location safely. But you know what? I'm really hoping this does not inspire some, like, tornado selfies, guys. Yeah. That far away -- That's far. They're 10 miles or so, probably. But, still, it doesn't matter. Not where you want to be. Have we ruled out photo shop? They have tornados in Canada. In that area there was -- several of them touched down that day. I know it's your department, but -- You go. Outside --

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{"id":24450051,"title":"Newlyweds Photographed During Tornado","duration":"1:36","description":"The pictures by photographer Colleen Niska have earned over 17,000 \"likes.\"","url":"/GMA/video/newlyweds-photographed-tornado-24450051","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}