Newtown, Conn., Family on Losing Child in Shooting

Richard and Krista Rekos discuss losing their daughter Jessica in the Sandy Hook school shootings.
3:59 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Newtown, Conn., Family on Losing Child in Shooting
will continue all across the nation. This morning, 20 families dealing with a loss that is impossible to imagine. The loss of a little child. You spoke to one family who also inspired you. I have never been so moved or so impacted by an interview as i was after siting down with the rekos family and listening to them remember their little girl, jessica who was so violently taken away there them. She loved horses, orca whales and her family. Her parents say faulking about her bring tiny moments of comfort. She was a ball of fire. Ruled the roost. Our little ceo. She was the boss. Reporter: When the call came on friday morning that sandy hook elementary was on lockdown, christa rushed through the town where she and her husband were both raised. As I was running, I kept thinking, I'm coming for you, honey, I'm coming for you. We had no idea. We thought, okay, the reports that one or two people hay have been injured. I walked around the fire house, like, maybe she's in there. I must have d 100 laps. I knew what she was wearing. I thought I would see the pony tail, the black glittery uggs she had on that morning. There was still hope that the children were hiding. They finally, around 1:15 asked everybody to sit down. And they said that, um, it was a tragic day in newtown today and 20 children were killed. And -- they told me my little girl was gone. There was so much panic and confusion. Life was sucked out of everyone in the room. And you know, I -- just point blank found a state trooper and was like, are there any survivors. Are you telling me that, standing here as a parent, my child is gone? He said yes. Reporter: Overcome with grief, they returned home. I got into her bed that she had just gotten out of. And, um -- we staid in bed. Still not real that my -- my little girl, so full of life and who wants a horse so badly, and who is going get cowgirl boots for christmas isn't coming home. Reporter: They say the pain is just settling in. Are you angry? That hasn't registered to me. The killer's face, t name, i just -- I see through it right now. I just want to keep talking about her and -- all the things she loved to do. Reporter: She was their 6-year-old family powerhouse, forever their angel. I found a little journal. I don't know when it's from. I hoepd the book. It was exactly what I needed because it says I love you so much, mama. It was like she knew we were going need something to help us get through this. That's just like what an amazing little girl she was. Jessica was just 6 years old. Her funeral is tomorrow. I wanted to share a story. Before this interview began, we were looking at baby pictures of her with the family. I said, what day was she born. Say said may 10, 2006. That is the day I gave birth to my daughter. And I felt such a connection to christa, knowing she and I gave birth on the same day and knowing her daughter was never coming home. The impact was just, I felt it right here. You could see it in their face. To remember her and be able to share her story with the country. It's important to them and all the victims' families that their stories are heard.

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{"id":17997223,"title":"Newtown, Conn., Family on Losing Child in Shooting","duration":"3:59","description":"Richard and Krista Rekos discuss losing their daughter Jessica in the Sandy Hook school shootings.","url":"/GMA/video/newtown-connecticut-school-shooting-newtown-conn-family-losing-17997223","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}